2 December 2023

Green Salon Collective Celebrates a Major Milestone Achieved

The Green Salon Collective is on a mission to make hairdressing greener. Since this B-Corp certified business began, it has seen the diversion of a colossal 100 tonnes of hairdressing waste away from landfill or incineration.

Green Salon Collective

It is such a triumph for everyone,” explains Fry Taylor, founder of Green Salon Collective. “So much hair, salon metals and other waste that traditionally went to landfill or for incineration. It now gets recycled, upcycled or used to recreate something new.”

Green Salon Collective
Fry Taylor

This waste collected by Green Salon Collective consists of hair, paper, plastic, boxes, towels, foils, all sorts of cans from hairspray to drinks & packaging. (Yes, all that excess packaging that drives you nuts). The good green news keeps coming as we donate 100% of the profit from these materials to charity. This creates another level of goodness from waste. The charities who benefit are Mossy Earth, Haircuts 4 Homeless and Food Cycle.

This is an incredible success story for what was a start-up business in 2019. The numbers of partnerships, freelancers and salons is growing every month. This means more waste destined for landfill is heading for good use.

“We are so happy about this milestone, but we know there is so much more to do,” Fry concludes. “With all of the talk of greenwashing and green hushing we want salons to be proud of the work they are doing, we don’t believe in judging or shaming but just encourage anyone who can, to sign up and help us to help us to divert even more waste from landfill! There is still much to do with around 99% of contaminated foils from salons heading straight to landfill and down the drains. We can turn this into new shiny things that go back into the circular economy, so please send us what you see as your rubbish, and we can do great things with it!”

CLICK HERE to join the movement and help GSC get to the next 100 tonnes!


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