2 December 2023

Over-60 style: 5 women who inspire us

“Beauty has no age” is not just a slogan. Rather, we should consider it as the expression of an attitude that guides us in selecting a style or hairlook, also when we’re over-60. Here are 5 women who inspire us.

Over-60 and still beautiful and attractive? Yes! It’s possible and we have the proof! The latest case we would like to talk about is that of Helen Mirren, who showed up on the red carpet at Cannes sporting a Fairy Godmother air. A beautiful azure gala gown matched up with a deconstructed updo in the same nuance.

Accessories included a fan with a #worthit tag linked to l’Oréal Paris, for whom she is a spokesperson. Beyond marketing, it is in any case a valuable message fittingly conveyed by the 77-year-old actress.


In any case, over-60 fashion statements are not in short supply. We would like to inspire you by remembering, for example, that a force of nature known as Iris Apfel, entrepreneur and interior designer, is now 101 years old and is still considered a fashion icon and trendsetter. Her look is a balanced mix of excesses: over-sized glasses, an abundance of bijoux, bright colors, all topped off by her brilliant white hair.

White is the new black

We all know that white hair is a trend and nothing new. So what makes it newsworthy is that we can still find people who wear it elegantly. When it comes to white hair, how can we forget the ex-model Carmen dell’Orefice. At 91 she still cuts a svelte figure and impeccable style in choosing her clothes and accessories.

Iconic Inspiration

Although recently deceased, Vivienne Westwood remains an inspiration for many women over 60 from myriad viewpoints. Not only for her freedom-loving spirit and for her social activism, but also for her signature style. She will always be remembered as being a colorful character, full of life and energy.

In conclusion, just to offer an idea to anyone who is thinking that it is easier to grow old gracefully when you’re a celebrity, we would like to mention Lyn Slater, a university professor over-60 in New York who has become a serendipitous popular icon on style. As the name of her blog implies, Lyn became famous later on in life for a coincidence that unexpectedly proved to be a launch pad for her career as an influencer.

Icon by chance

Now her blog boasts followers of every age. It proposes trendy outfits that are age-appropriate and adapt easily to a lifestyle that if far from luxurious. Indeed, Lyn refuses the idea that age is a variable that influences how your should dress and wear your hair.

The moral of the story if you’re over 60? We already know what it is, although we sometimes have trouble putting it into practice. The secret to being happy is to accept yourself as you are, whoever you are and whatever age you are.


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