30 September 2023

Pride Parade! With Pravana Vivids

Thanks to pride parades, rainbow colors have taken on a more socially significant meaning. Now we can all show our pride!

Rainbows – the real ones – once marked the passing of a storm, a symbol of hope, a legend about a leprechaun’s pot of gold, or a legendary gateway to the magical land of Oz. Nowadays this “light show” the rainbow gives us is less whimsical and more meaningful. It wasn’t too long ago that we saw rainbows hanging from windows and balconies on peace flags to protest wars. And now this same theme of a spectrum of light has taken on a more socially significant meaning, sending a message of inclusion and freedom in support of the LGBTQIA community in pride parades and beyond.

Pravana Vivids hair color proved to be the perfect means to this end as the images on this page demonstrate. Now anyone can contemporaneously make both a social and a fashion statement by expressing their pride in their hair. And the looks can be easily personalized to suit any cut, length, style, or texture you might prefer!

Color Wheel Inspo

Becky Betts, aka “The Blonding Rebel” and Senior Artistic Educator for @pravana, drew her inspiration from the Color Wheel that we all studied during our physics and art lessons back at school. “As an editorial color instructor at a beauty school,” she shared, “I wanted to find a more creative way to teach and learn the color wheel!

Mission accomplished! Whether left loose with a volumizing blowout or in a messy braid, the effect is stunning!

Holographic effect

George Blanco and Tiffany Lobdel-Summers also came up with a more subtle effect evoking a hologram effect blended with more neutral nuances.

The blonde and metallic gray bases work wonderfully as a back drop for capturing this more subtle yet eyecatching effect.

The Stealth Effect

Now you see it, now you don’t! Brie Messinger designed these underlayers in rainbow hues show through only when you decide. It might be something like a spontaneous teaser when you shake your head that reveals your true colors. Another option is to create a casual “pick-up” or more structured updo that will put your pride more deliberately on show!

The Rainbow Melt

Once again George Blanco comes up with a spectacularly soft rainbow balayage. The big loose curls just breathe even more life, love and pride into this stunning look.

George explained, “My ‘Live. Love. VIVIDLY PROUD’ look was special. My model had short blonde hair and is unable to express herself with color because of her profession. But with extensions she is able to pop them in to show her true personality.” He reminds us all that, “While life can cause us to hide who we are or keep us from showing our truest colors for the safety of ourselves or those around us, our hair can help us really spice it up to feel our truest selves when we learn to live VIVIDLY and PROUD.”

Taylor Rae explained, “One of my favorite things is using as many colors as possible, that’s why I always come back to doing some sort of rainbow look!” More specifically she recalls, “For this model, I wanted to feature the beautiful texture of her hair while defining each rainbow shade!” So she came up with this rainbow melt and crimped wave on longer locks alternative. The hues again are a bit softer, the texture sublime. She can be very proud of this look!

For the fearlessly proud

George Blanco colored these super long locks in the simplest of color blocks possible! … right down the middle! The right side a very in vogue warm ash blond and cipria pink. On the left side, big and bold rainbow pride applied along the entire extraordinarily long locks. It doesn’t get any prouder than this!

“My ‘Wear your PRIDE’ look was inspired by the PRIDE flag itself,” says Blanco. “With the vertical stripe look I created the PRIDE flag flowing in the wind and the Pearl side to show color can live in a world where everything feel a little ‘too structured’ at times.

And the best part is that it looks good either straight and sleek or with a big, wavy blowout and lots of volume!


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