30 September 2023

The Wixie: a tomboyish cut with a rock vibe

The Wixie, a close cousin of the Pixie, stands out for a rocking vibe and more casual locks that share the same irregular layering of the shag.

This year, the Wixie is a reinterpretation of Twiggy’s memorable cropped locks. Nowadays, the Wixie cut – a close cousin of the pixie, but featuring a softer shape – revives the appeal of the Sixties’ tomboy with an informal cut that is definitely eye-catching.

If you take a closer look, this is a softer, longer, and more versatile cut than the pixie. The locks are longer over the ears and on the neck, giving the illusion of fullness and volume. Hence, a short look with a softer effect.

Two celebs who have been seen sporting this look include models and actresses Emma Corrin and Esther Mcgregor. And the result is a subtle androgynous femininity full of verve.

The Wixie cut for this summer

Password: layering. This is what makes the Wixie cut so lightweight and cheeky. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get these layered locks that result in plenty of volume, just like in a mid-length shag.

The Wixie cut is best-suited for oval, round, or heart-shaped faces, but obviously the specific characteristics of the person and the hair type must be taken into consideration. However, the effect can also work on wavy or curly hair, thanks to their natural volume.

In the case of thin and fine hair, you can create more volume with a razor cut and maintenance. Styling is easy-peasy: hair dry or use a blow-dryer. Just apply a salt spray to texturize and keep the locks free from each other.

On the contrary, if you should opt to downplay the Wixie-esque style, just use a dab of wax where you want more control.

The transition cut

The best part of the Wixie cut is that anyone can use it. Mostly because it leaves the hairdresser the possibility to intervene on the layering to create just the right volume. The other interesting aspect of this cut is that it represents the perfect solution for whoever wants their hair to grow out. Furthermore, thanks to the layering, the hair can grow out softly and will bring the back and perimeter upwards. As a result, this means a quick and easy transition into a French bob. Or if the locks are a bit longer in the right points (and by adding, for example, a micro-fringe) you can easily transform it into a mullet or another shag.


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