15 June 2024

The new industrial style in the salon

Industrial style is making a comeback. After all history does have a tendency to repeat itself in both fashion and in design. And Leco Odd in Tokyo reinterpreted this trend with innovative details.

Leco Tokyo is a hairdressing sign that counts three salons in the Japanese capital. The last one opened in 2022 in Harajuku. This district is the hotbed of the most extreme youth culture in all of Japan. This is where fashion boutiques propose unprecedented and avant-garde styles.

In this context, the choice of the name Odd for the salon was not casual… on the contrary. The design and architectural firm Kfuna, curators of the project, explained that the term aims to highlight the concept of “strange” in the sense of out of the ordinary. And indeed, this salon stands out from the crowd and piques curiosity or, on the contrary, gives rise to diffidence and judgmental attitudes.

Living up to its name

In the wake of these reflections on the new industrial style a particular salon concept was born. It flaunts a strong industrial vibe in alignment with the non-conformist spirit of the district where it is located. Aspects of this vocation can be found in many element. For example, the space still has its rough and unfinished shell. What catches the eye is the aeration system, in full view, and its metal that unequivocally defines the setting. Despite the walls being impeccably plastered, the floor – with its raw effect and original spots and veins – overwhelms and simplifies the atmosphere created by the aeration system.

The illumination features plenty of natural light , which abounds thanks to the ample floor-to-ceiling window surfaces arranged along the walls. While the neons embellish the ceiling, making their contribution to the industrial vibe.

Up to this point, The new industrial style is strictly by the book, with its classical elements. What makes Kfuna’s interpretation unprecedented? The work on the change in perspective. This is particularly evident in the arrangement of the mirrors . Although they maintain their function in the workstations, they hang freely and “crooked” in relation to the walls. This makes them a decorative element and curiosity that catches guests off-guard.

The shampoo area offers traditional privacy. Located in a raised niche and closed in by a wall, it is isolated it from the rest of the salon. There is an iridescent wall covering that changes color depending on your viewpoint. A psychedelic touch in a context brimming with brutalist and minimalist inspiration.

Photo credit: Daisuke Shima


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