19 July 2024

The Nereids Collection by Carlos Buendía Sancha

The Nereids Collection by Carlos Buendía Sancha gets its inspiration from the elegant and seductive sea nymphs in Greek mythology. With their beauty and charm, they embody the aquatic essence and gracefully dance in the waves.

The Nereids Collection

As daughters of Nereus and Doris, these marine divinities personify the nature and tranquility of the ocean, filling the hearts of sailors with mystery and fascination. The fusion of the human figure portrayed in The Nereids Collection by Carlos Buendía Sancha creates mythological beings of sublime beauty. Their charm and charisma evoke a world of aquatic fantasy.

Carlos Buendía draws inspiration from them, letting his imagination soar to create avant-garde hair. This he transforms with daring textures, resulting in a unique and dazzling artistic expression.

Hair: Carlos Buendía Sancha Make-up: Isabel Sánchez Photos: Sergio López and Fran Nieto. Styling: Manu Campayo & Carlos Buendía Sancha Jewellery: RVM Joyas @rvmjoyas Location: Victoria Eventos  Communications: Oscar Martinez


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