30 September 2023

Summer 2023 Hair Trends: the coolest looks

What’s new? What’s making a comeback? What are the Summer 2023 Hair Trends? Let’s take a look to get some ideas.

Every season has its looks, but the summer seems to be the moment when fashions are more noticeable. Maybe there is a natural tendency to want to get out and get noticed. Summer is also when we feel ready to change our haircut or style. So let’s take a look at some the Summer 2023 hair trends about to make a big splash!

The casual chignon

For a while now, our hair horoscope has been saying: “We are under the sign of the 1990s. This could mean different things. One is that the styling is more relaxed – messy (but let’s not go overboard). This cheeky mood has even touched the chignon, which is one of the most popular summer 2023 hair trends.

The super-volumes of the 1990s

We have noted that the Nineties are dominating the scene, so here is just more evidence that what we said is true. We can add the iconic “Monica cut”, to the trends of recent months, as well as so-called “big hair”, the over-the-top volumes of Pamela Anderson, who knew all about summertime and beaches.

And even layered cuts, seeing as her iconic long blonde locks were all about volume, as well as layers everywhere.

Summer 2023 Hair Trend: the Wixie cut

Rocker hair is another key word to stay in vogue with Summer 2023 trends. One of the coolest cuts, both literally in in terms of fashion, is definitely the Wixie, a very androgynous stylethat has been a huge hit and will continue to be popular this summer.

Boyish, featuring unstructured locks and short layers, the Wixie cutis a close cousin of the iconic Pixie, with a hint of Mullet.

The timeless Blunt Bob

How could we leave out the bob from the list of Summer 2023 hair trends? We couldn’t! Because the bob is considered absolutely “timeless” and previews for the future keep it at the top of the list.

Geometric, with a well-defined form, the Blunt Bob is the quintessence of the bob with a length that stops just under the chin.

Sleek & Polished

Suffice it to say… spiffy, smooth and (slightly) shiny. When it comes to the wet look, a timeless classic of warm weather, the Summer 2023 hair trends requires just the right amount of maintenance and shine.

If you want long trendy hair, the summer hair mood for the next few weeks requires formal perfection and a “thick” effect.


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