21 July 2024

How to: A Simple Razor Cut Bob

Learn how to create a fabulous razor cut bob with Mandy McCullough, Sam Villa Ambasador and Redken Artist.

“Have you ever decided on a bob length and then cut it and missed the mark by going just a tad bit longer or shorter?  This technique delivers accurate lengths every time so you don’t have to go back and adjust the perimeter line,” says Mandy McCullough, Sam Villa Ambassador, Redken Artist and owner of Fix Salon@FancyFinish.  The trick is, she starts in the front of the perimeter instead of the back – see here.  

Shoulder-grazing bobs are classically cool…a timeless silhouette that can read edgy or posh.  McCullough shares her approach to designing this shape utilizing a razor for soft movement and a lived-in perimeter. 

Highlights Include:

  • Strategic sectioning for speed and accuracy
  • Combing hair into a natural fall and cutting without overdirecting
  • Recommendations for establishing a strong perimeter edge
  • Using front guides for equal length on each side and then connecting to the back 
  • Guidance on implementing balance and symmetry with proper hand and body positioning while using a razor 
  • Tips on how to use a razor perpendicular to the section (not flat) and moving/cutting towards the face to create the most texture without fuzz
  • How to twist hair in the fringe area towards the nose and slice so it’s shorter on the inside of the section and longer as it moves to the outside of the face

Tools Needed: 

Using a razor will save you so much time because you don’t have to dry the bob and then go in and point cut to create the texture you want.  Cutting the section on a perpendicular angle with a razor builds in the texture on the first slice,” says McCullough. “This allows you to move through your cuts faster and with more accuracy.


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