24 June 2024

Eksperience – A New Haircare Era from Revlon Professional

Revlon Professional® introduces an all-new transformation for its thalassotherapy inspired Eksperience™ range. Following new codes of luxury, Eksperience™ delivers the best-ever in-salon experience based on the power of sea, science and senses.


More than 20 years ago, the hair experts behind Eksperience had a pioneering vision. By reaching into the extraordinary abundance of the sea, they sourced innovative marine elements that, with leading scientific expertise, would create highly effective formulas to professionally treat the hair and scalp. Eksperience became the first professional thalassotherapy hair brand and today invites hairdressers and clients to embark on an all-new wellness journey. With a holistic approach to sophisticated rituals, the range awakens the senses while elevating feelings of personal wellness.


The Sea: Origin of life, vast source of wisdom and well-being. An abundant ecosystem, full of precious ingredients – such as marine water from Noirmoutier island and a red algae from the Baltic Sea – that deliver outstanding professional hair results.

The Eksperience exclusive Aquamaris complex is a blend of two precious marine ingredients. Combined with advanced research, they magnify their essence and offer a dual function. This is to enrich and to revitalise the scalp with essential minerals, protecting it from the formation of free radicals. Meanwhile, they fortify and protect the hair, reducing the adhesion of pollution particles up to 95%. They also deeply restore damaged hair cuticles.


Revlon Professional believes that minimising our impact on the planet is a never-ending journey. All Eksperience products have been eco-conceived with a commitment to the environment and to delivering the cleanest products possible, while guaranteeing professional performance and outstanding hair and scalp beauty results.

Eksperience packaging gets its inspiration from the sea. Taking a contemporary spin on an ancient amphora, the deep blue colour is borrowed from the depths of the ocean.


  • THALASSOTHERAPY: The most sensorial and freshly made ritual, ideal for scalp issues such as excess sebum, hair loss, dandruff or a sensitive scalp.
  • RECONSTRUCT: Powerful rituals to recover dry, damaged, porous and brittle hair.
  • BOOST: Highly effective formulas designed to provide instant and outstanding results.
  • TREATMENTS: Professional solutions that cover a wide variety of needs, such as: hydration, colour protection, scalp comfort, wave remedy, sebum control, anti-hair loss, density and purity.

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