24 June 2024

The Black Swans Collection by Élise Antoine

The Black Swans Collection by Élise Antoine gets its inspiration from the eternal blackness of the Universe. It’s the interpretation of a concept in which all her creativity resonates.

The Black Swans

The Black Swans Collection is symbolic of the passion that Élise Antoine feels about art and entertainment Élise Antoine discovers vibrations, which generate in her a great desire for inventive freedom. Her mind has imagined the most delicate fusion between dance and her passion: hairstyling. The power of the materials and the soft textures swirl and swirl creating delicate arabesques with editorial allure. The blonde colour illuminates this duo where red is invented in contrast to highlight this collection of a breathtaking character.

Hair: Elise Antoine Photos: Maros Belavy Make-up: Maja Blawuciak Styling: Patryk Gajewski Production: MKproduction & Christophe Gaillet


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