24 June 2024

Practical and sassy: 2023 Pixie Cut trends

The 2023 Pixie Cut is still practical and sassy, always flaunting a certain sense of class. It easily takes on different moods, depending on current trends. Whether with a quiff, curls, or with undercut details, one thing is certain: the Pixie cut falls into that category that everyone loves. Because short hair is easy to manage and always in great form.

2023 Pixie Cut Trends: the quiff

Related to a typically Eighties mood, the Pixie with a quiff is the one that everyone notices. The eye-catching detail is the stunning contrast between the minimalism of the haircut and the grandeur of the quiff.

In pole position among the latest Pixie Cut trends, this bold variety has never actually been out of fashion. It’s like all the classics that time has turned into iconic cuts, so always trendy and timeless.

Another Pixie Trend: the Wixie

With irregular layers, wavy or sometimes with soft curls, the Wixie cut is a short version of the Wolf Cut and is one of the coolest for this spring-summer season.

Tom-boyishness is key. This latest pixie cut trend has an androgynous mood, reflecting a revival of the gamine spirit, a tomboyish typical of 60’s/70’s styles.

With undercut details

While maintaining its characteristic shape – short at the sides, longer on top – the 2023 Pixie Cut can be its coolest with this kind of cut.

This is the fruit of a master hairdresser alternating shears and “buzz” clipper. It is definitely the easiest to manage as soon as you leave the salon. However it also requires time in trims to maintain the stylish contrast between the fade and the quiff on top.

Pixie Cut in a soft bob

Here is the 2023 Pixie Cut that is more like a short bob, with soft volume on top and a side quiff that becomes the sole feature of this stylish look.

If you’re not a big fan of short hair, but your looking for something more easily manageable than long locks, this is your cut. Here the hair is actually short, but the effect is not at all minimalist, but rich and sinuous. With an architecture that recalls a bob.


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