19 June 2024

Wella Professionals Blondor: the ultimate blonde

How blonde can you go? Wella Professionals Blondor can change or adjust the tone of hair after a lightening service. See how to use it to reduce and neutralize warm tones or add the tones you want.

Wella Professionals Blondor is an easy to use liquid toner capable of changing or adjusting the tone of the hair after a lightening service. You can also use it to reduce and neutralize warm tones or add tones to hair.

Blondor Permanent Liquid Toner guarantees quick and reliable, true-to-tone results. Plus, the shades are all intermixable and Brass Kicker can be added to any Blondor Permanent Liquid Toner shade to reduce warmth. Now you can transform even the darkest hair into the ultimate blonde, while maintaining its integrity. It is much easier to achieve lighter and purposeful tones that complement warm skin tones and features.

Signature Blondes by The Wella Signature Artist Team

Each season the Wella Signature Artist Team undergoes an intense week of training to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming trends in the industry. While balayage is still in high demand, this season the team focused on the evolution of blonding toward bleach & tones. This season Wella is looking forward to the expansion of the Blondor line with new Blondor Toners shades /05 and /91. Moreover, there is some exciting news about 9 levels of lift with Blondorplex. Then there is always Shinefinity. The new shades of Blondor Toners, when combined Shinefinity range, allowed the Team to create beautiful contrasts in the hair while still attaining a healthy, shiny blonde.

Jen/Jay @jennifer.wella @jay.wella Model: Heidi @fabulux

  • Natural Level 7 (6/7 in the back)– an inch and ½ of regrowth 
  • Previously highlighted and low-lighted hair  – ranging levels 7, 8, 9 variation
  • Porosity level – normal

Step 1.) Blondor Multi Blonde Lightener + Welloxon 10 vol Developer 1:1.5 mixing ratio –  start foils in the back 2 quadrants, apply ½ inch away from scalp and down on regrowth in foils. Alternating left and right and back of the neck to the top of the crown
Step 2.) Blondor Multi Blonde Lightener + 13 vol 1:1.5 mixing ratio – start on the sides with same application alternating left side and right side and then repeat on the fringe section 
Step 3.) Blondor Multi Blonde Lightener + 13 vol 1:1.5 mixing ratio – return to the back section and apply on the root and repeat on the sides and fringe section
Step 4.) Blondor Multi Blonde Lightener + 13 vol 1:1.5 mixing ratio – start in the back and apply lightener to the remaining hair into each individual foil simultaneously with Step 3
Step 5.) Rinse thoroughly and shampoo with Fusion. Followed by Blondor Seal + Care 
Step 6.) On towel dried hair, pre-tone with Blondor Toners 2pt. /16 + 1pt. /18 + Welloxon 20 vol Developer to mid and ends for 10 minutes then on the roots for an additional 5 minutes.
Step 7.) Rinse and towel dry. Apply Blondor Toner /05 + Welloxon Pastel Developer on roots first for 5 minutes then all over for additional 5 minutes.
Step 8.) Rinse and follow with Blondor Seal + Care. Then Fusion Conditioner.
Step 9.) Use Ultimate Repair and Sebastian Potion 9 Lite to blowdry. Sebastian Zero Gravity to style.

Christopher @Cetroni.wella Model: @andagainco

  • Pre-lighten – Blondor Soft Blonde Cream 1:2 + 20 volume. International standard application. Processed for full 50 minutes
  • Shampoo: Invigo Blonde Recharge, Blondor S+C for 5 minutes 
  • Creative glaze recipes:
  • A) Accent hairline panels: 08/8+09/65+00/00 
  • B) Root Shadow:  08/98+09/65+00/00
  • C) Hairline fringe panel: 09/73+09/36.  After 10 minutes processing time, I organically alternated formulas b+c on the ends of the hair internally and processed for an additional 5 minutes. 
  • Rinse, shampoo with Color Motion+ shampoo and conditioned with Ultimate Repair.  
  • Ultimate repair miracle repair spray applied for 90 seconds, Oil Reflections for some shine, and flat wrapped the hair. 
  • Lived-in texture was enhanced with a cocktail of Dark Oil and Craft Clayx

Chelsea/Zak @chelseam.wella @zak.wella Model: @bpattttt

  • Section hair into  classic quadrants
  • Platinum Card Technique starting at the back quadrants – Blondorplex mixed 1:2 with Welloxon 10 vol.
  • Rinse foils starting at back when they are done processing, not to exceed 50 minutes of processing time per section.
  • Wellaplex step 2, 10 min.
  • Toner – Blondor Toners /05 mixed 1:2 with Welloxon Pastel Developer.  Apply at roots and process for 10 minutes.  Apply to midshaft and ends and process for an additional 10 minutes.

Prepped hair prior to blow dry with Eimi’s Perfect Setting for lightweight conditioning and smoothing benefits and Extra Volume Mousse for added volume. 
Blowdry the hair with GHD’s Helios Dryer and Round Brush for perfect heat styling combo with added curls utilizing GHD’s Styling Wand
Finish the look with Eimi’s Glam Mist for added shine and Sebastian Shaper for control and hold. 

Jessica/Tommy @jessica.wella @tommy.wella Model @cheyannndillon

Platinum Card – we transitioned from Pastel developer to 6% incrementally, using mixing ratios between 1:2 and 1:1
  • Blondorplex + 1.9% Pastel
  • Blondorplex + 3%
  • Blondorplex + 6%
Root Application (applied in between foils)d (back to back foils – ¼” off scalp) – BlondorPlex + 4% (1:1.5)
  • Blondorplex + 6% (1:2)
Shinefinity Glaze
  • 90g 09/36 + 20g 09/65 + 20g 08/34 (apply to roots & process for 10 minutes, apply to midlengths/ends & process for 10 mins)
  • WellaPlex #2
  • Fusion
  • Color Motion
  • Express Post Service Treatment  
  • Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue
  • Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity
  • Flat Wrap for natural fall
  • Platinum+ for refinement

Photographer: Nick Berardi @nickberardi
MUA: Patrick Santa Ana & Team @patricksantaana


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