21 July 2024

DESTINATION 2023: Wella Company Shimmers in the Sunshine!

It was the perfect, sun-kissed location in which to hold a glittering 3-day event dedicated to the creativity and artistry of global hairdressing. Wella Company’s DESTINATION 2023 in Gran Canaria brought together 1,200 hair professionals from an incredible 57 countries in a spectacular celebration of togetherness, technical skill, learning and outstanding creative excellence.


The DESTINATION 2023 event by Wella Company not only included 6 shows, 42 model transformations, 4x Look & Learn hair educational insights, networking opportunities and inspirational digital platforms, but it was also the occasion for the winners of the 20th edition of the prestigious salon professional competitions – ITVA and & NTVA 2023 – to be revealed.

Guest artists included Romeu Felipe, Renya Xydis, James Earnshaw, Anthony Cole, Briana Cisneros, Alexis Ferrer, Patricia Nikole and Guy Kleinhau. Their on-stage shows utterly wowed and also mesmerised a captivated audience.

Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO, Wella Company and Hugh Dineen, CMO and Global Brand President

At Wella, we believe that when hairdressers thrive, we thrive,” commented Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of Wella Company from the stage at #WELLADESTINATION2023. “Our commitment to professionals has been the cornerstone of our iconic heritage for over 143 years. We are immensely proud to support over 500,000 salons around the world. We also partner with thousands of talented stylists and technicians, serving millions of loyal consumers who trust in our brands. It’s truly special to see it all come together here at DESTINATION 2023.”


IN THE MIND OF ALEXIS FERRER: a show centred on ‘The Journey of a Creation’


So often we forget about how we got to the final product. In this show we will journey from the beginning of Alexis’ ideas collecting images, quotes, and scrapbooks of his work. He uses them to bring to life the reality of his masterpieces. Alexis Ferrer: “Hairdressing signifies Creativity with an infinity of combinations; by mixing Art, the beauty of Nature and Fashion.”

RECALIBRATE: Anthony Cole & Briana Cisneros


Recalibrate is a visual and experiential call to reset our perception of differences. That creativity and beauty lies within our deepest self-expression, as well as in our celebration of unique hair texture. Through the manipulation of textures and color by reworking stunning and visually satisfying hair on stage, we hope to inspire stylists to allow themselves the freedom to be challenged, to rework their own concepts of beauty, as well as to explore the power of our own differences. Anthony Cole: “As an artist, I look at hair as a blank canvas, where I can create any color or any texture to bring my art to life!” Briana Cisneros: “As long as I can continue to make art that is beautiful to me and brings joy to others, then I too experience joy knowing I am simply doing what I love, and was made to do.”

PAINT IT BLACK: James Earnshaw


A little different to what I have been doing for the last few shows, I have done a lot of colorful sequin shows with colorful makeup super fun vibe, I wanted to mix it up and surprise people for this one. This show I wanted to feel darker, sexier and edgier. The hair will be bolder in the placement of color, volume movement with a hint of glamour. Darker clothing & makeup with different textures but really premium looking.

It will be inclusive in a really modern way with all different races and hair textures, drag performers have been in so many recent couture shows I really wanted to add that element into my show but in a really premium tasteful way, think like Rihannas Fenty shows. Its what I call “ a new kind of sexy. James Earnshaw: “Create work that you want to put out there, not what you think people want to see you create.”



Modern day muses Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa with generational references such as Audrey Hepburn, Blondie & Ann Margaret. Taking colour blocking from Couture to the ready to wear. Pushing color boundaries on color placement. Taking todays icons to everyday clients with an editorial finish. Renya Xydis: “I throw myself into the details not the perfection, this also creates individuality in my work.”



THink women who are going to the Oscars and then dancing in a club friends. They’re taking glamour to the next level. Main capitals: NY, London, Paris, São Paulo. Romeu Felipe: “The purpose of beauty is self-esteem.”

Wella Professionals’ Ultimate Repair Care

During DESTINATION 2023, Wella Professionals also launched their Ultimate Repair Care line with a show featuring James Earnshaw. The patented-technology leave-on hair repair treatment can reverse hair damage in just 90 seconds. Additionally, Patricia Nikole a.k.a @paintedhair headlined the Wella Professionals Digital Factory, sharing insider tips for mastering social media and building a million-follower audience.

The 2023 International TrendVision Awards

Host Patrick Cameron with The Parade of Nations

There was an air of excited anticipation on the ultimate day of DESTINATION 2023 as the finalists of the 2023 International TrendVision Awards eagerly awaiting the announcements of this year’s talented winners.

The exceptional circumstances of the past 3 years have meant that it has been impossible for the legendary TrendVision Award ceremony to be staged as a face-to-face gathering. This made the 2023 event even more exciting and significant. In order to mark this year’s 20th edition, the 3 cycles of winners elected during the pandemic were invited to participate in a very evocative Parade of Nations, a true reflection of the Wella family’s global reach.

This year saw 8 winners across 8 nominations rising above hundreds of entries to win a spot in the categories of International Color Artist, Color Specialist, Craft Artist, Natural Texture Artist, Editorial look, Men’s hair, Style Master and also Nail Artist.

The 2023 Winners

Color Artist: Luca Formigoni, Rosa Equipe, ITALY

Color Specialist: Nelita Pavlova, Elysium Studio, BULGARIA

Craft Artist: ZHANGXI, FC Salon, CHINA

Natural Texture Artist: Cosmin Grădinariu, Salon Catwalk, ROMANIA

Editorial Look: Elin Sahlin, Victor Noblesse, SWEDEN

Men’s Hair: Vladislav Berezan, REMPIRE, ESTONIA

Style Master: Sølvi Bjørnevoll, RAISE, NORWAY

Nail Artist: Anna Doicheva, Salon Shnola, BULGARIA


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