15 June 2024

Moroccanoil® Professional Haircolor: the latest in oil-infused beauty

The new Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor Collection is a complete portfolio of permanent, demi-permanent haircolor, and lighteners. Featuring the brand’s proprietary ProArginine + ArganID® System

Say hello to the new Moroccanoil® Professional Haircolor Collection, a complete portfolio of permanent, demi-permanent haircolor, and lighteners. The collection features the brand’s proprietary ProArginine + ArganID® System, a breakthrough technology that delivers exceptional protection throughout the color process. This is the brand’s biggest launch since the original Moroccanoil Treatment.

Moroccanoil® Professional Haircolor Collection represents the company’s dedication to innovation, while strengthening its longstanding commitment to salon professionals.

The same spirit of innovation that the brand was built upon is at the heart of the new Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor Collection. It’s an exciting time for us to enter the professional haircolor category, especially because color is one of the most requested services and needs in the industry,” says Moroccanoil Vice President of Global Education, Robert Ham. “Salons and professionals have always been at the forefront of the brand, and we are thrilled to continue that relationship through haircolor. This is our continued commitment to them, with a truly fantastic product and tool.

Moroccanoil® Proprietary Technologies

The core of the Moroccanoil® Professional Haircolor Collection is the brand’s exclusive ProArginine + ArganID® SystemProArginine is an amino acid naturally found in hair, meaning that the hair easily assimilates it. While this remarkable ingredient works as an alkalizing agent to support and enhance the color process, the ArganID® helps to repair and seal the cuticle.

In this way, color adheres more readily to hair that has been restored with the ProArginine + ArganID® System, creating healthier-looking, long-lasting haircolor.

Thanks to this breakthrough technology, Moroccanoil® ProfessionalHaircolor delivers the following benefits:

  • 64% increase in shine*
  • 96% of clients experience overall scalp comfort**
  • 9+ weeks of salon-vibrant color***

*Average shine achieved based on shade selection.
**Based on color services performed on 45 clients.
***Based on an average of 3 hair washes per week.

Moroccanoil’s Blonde Voyage Powder and Clay Lighteners are powered by BondCare + ArganID™ System – a technology that strengthens hair and reinforces bonds to help reduce damage and breakage.


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