13 June 2024

Digital Safe Space – A Place to Be Yourself

At a time where social media and the digital world is at an all time high and very much influential, having a virtual digital safe space has fast become something that many individuals actively look for.

A digital safe space is effectively an online place where you can express your own views, be yourself. and avoid any judgement from the outer world. 

Digital Safe Space

Social media and online platforms have become very much a part of the day to day life for people around the world. From TikTok to You Tube, Instagram to Facebook – the social world is forever evolving and growing at an alarming rate, however so is the impact of trolling and unnecessary hate. Thankfully, within the hairdressing industry, this has always been minimal. We have watched our industry come together and unite, providing individuals with a safe space to express themselves and simply be their own real self.

Both Paul Watts and Darrel Starkey have amassed a fantastic following on their respective social media channels. The pair have each worked in their own niche and have created an online hub which relates to so many different people. Paul is very active on TikTok and YouTube, focussing on education, with Darrel a TikTok and Instagram creator – showcasing the different areas of the craft as well as creating a networking community with stylists and individuals all over the UK.

Help to progress and evolve

“Using digital platforms to help people progress and evolve in their careers is something I have actively pushed myself into, focused on and put every effort into,” say Paul. “Following the lockdowns, digital media and communication excelled in every single way and I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to create a space that stylists/colourists/enthusiasts could learn, absorb knowledge and ask questions that had no judgement – a place where freedom of speech is welcomed. My platforms are there to make everyone feel relaxed and able to say anything they want to say. This approach I feel has allowed me to connect with so many different people not only in the UK but internationally and as a result my accounts and profile have grown significantly. It’s been the best approach.”

Simply be yourself

”Although hugely focused on the industry and education, I also use my channels to simply be myself,” Darren continues. “What you see is what you get and use it as an example to those in the industry that you don’t need to pretend to be anything more than you are – being you is always enough. Social media for me became part of my life during lockdown, as it did for many others, and I have continued this on and factored it into my daily routine.

“From fun friendly videos on education, to behind the scenes insights, as well as creative videos with my son Taylor, I like to create this digital safe space for everyone to relate and feel comfortable with. Anyone is welcome to engage or interact on my channels and there is never any hate tolerated – we are all friends! Social media is a place to be yourself, have fun and meet new people and this is what I strive to achieve – along with education of course!”

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