13 June 2024

Perfect cuts and styles for oily hair

Oily hair? Nothing to fear. Now you can make the best of it. Here’s a selection of perfect styles for hair that hasn’t been washed for two or three days will freshen your look and keep you on trend.

Some of us have oily hair and it’s not easy to resist washing your hair every day. We all want clean hair and keep it styled and looking its best. But we know very well that washing hair frequently can actually have serious consequences on your hair’s health, drying it out and even causing damage because it loses the natural protection provided by sebum. Therefore, our advice is to avoid stressing your locks with daily shampoos. So how can we keep our hair looking good without the daily stress of washing and styling?

The good news is that two or three days after shampooing your hair gets just the right texture for those hairstyles that require hold. Oftentimes, in order to create these styles you even need to apply dry shampoo or a texturizing product.

The messy style

That lived-in air, as if you’ve just gotten out of bed, exudes its own sort of charm. It you have oily hair, you’re on your way. But many top hairstylists get this look with the help of dry shampoos or finishing products that can texturize locks just enough to obtain a less perfect and more natural look. Imperfect parts, loose locks, and a rough finish are back in style, also thanks to the revival of Nineties trends (like grunge-chic or neo-goth revisited).

The messy updo

Slick and wet

Wet look with a flip

Slicked Back hair

Braids and updos

It’s always important to remember that the best way to get an updo to last is oily hair. Anyone who has tried making a chignon with freshly washed hair knows that it is nearly impossible to keep it in place for long. For this reason, like braids and high pony tails, they need oily hair that is manageable and with body to avoid looking unkempt. Even here, hair that hasn’t been shampooed for two or three days helps in getting that picture-perfect look.

The spiky bun

The double bun

The low bun with an elastic

The contemporary braid

The accessorized braid


Finally, let’s remember that accessories like headbands, hairbands, or clips can be very useful to keep oily hair in place with style. Hair will look great when embellished with bows, jeweled clips, or bands, which are right on trend!

The sophisticated headband

Eye-catching clips

Bows taking charge


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