29 May 2023

Hair Accessories: maxi and luxury for this spring

Hair accessories are riding the crest of the Nineties revival and Y2K. But take note of new proportions and above all a pinch of glam.

This spring fashionistas are confirming a trend that actually originated this past winter. Rising the crest of the Nineties and Two-thousand revival, bows, headbands, and clips are coming back to embellish hair created in accordance with 2020 trends. The proportions are huge, the materials are precious and sophisticated materials: in other words, accessories are in and must be seen. Moreover, sometimes a hair accessory can become the mainstay of the outfit, combining it with pieces with budget-conscious pieces in a mix’n’match that is stylish yet casual. Let’s not exaggerate though: when in doubt, always opt for a simpler choice.

Bows: the stars of this spring

The bow is the hair accessory that is taking center-front stage this spring. International celebrities like Margot Robbie, Sydney Sweeney or Elle Fanning have sported them during official and fashion brand events like Dior, Zimmermann or Max Mara. All these brands have introduced bows in their looks on runways and were not shy about it! Not only for the frequency with which they appear, but also for their dimensions. Indeed, in order to make the bow a grown-up accessories, the key element is over-sized dimensions.

Whether black or velvet, it becomes a detail that finishes off a dress with a simple silhouette. And BTW – hair with a sleek and shiny finish are the best for enhancing the elegant touch of the bow.

The other idea coming off runways is to wear small bows in unusual ways, for example on the side or preferring them truly tiny and placed randomly along the lengths.

Headbands: the informal hair accessory, but don’t overdo it!

In the 2000s the headband has often been associated with an easy-going, jaunty attitude. Actually, during this revival nowadays, one of the versions requires it to be combined with a chic sporty outfit. In this way it contributes to illuminating the face and does not require any complicated styling. Instead, the other version where we are seeing bows this spring, they are thin and designed by stylists. These are perfect to enhance more sophisticated styles. In this case the hair is in an updo and finished perfectly.

Hairbands: precious and elegant

Somewhere between jewelry and a hair accessory,the hairband is reconquering its dignity thanks to precious materials. Braided, inlaid, decorated with pearls or created in precious fabrics: a variety of styles are available. In terms of use – they are easier than headbands – as they combine tailoring and craftsmanship. For example, Parisian brands like Dior or Anthemis, have dusted off a traditional Turkish crafts technique to produce them.

Clips: lots of them, shiny, and over-size

The Nineties mood of clips can be found today in maxi-sizes, with elegant and precious decorations, and outstanding in their embellishment of the overall look. Always eye-catching, in fact it is even allowed to exaggerate a bit. In numbers (two is better than one!) and in matching. For example, on runways bows and barrettes were worn together, in lots of colors, which also amounts to a highly individual style.


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