21 July 2024

Creating Colour Content – Tips & Advice

Being a colourist, it’s important that you show off your work, be proud of what you have achieved but also ensure that you are creating colour content is created in a way that highlights the best lighting, backgrounds and everything in between.

Creating Colour Content
Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty Salon Group

With social media now the biggest free marketing tool, creating colour content has never been more important and we are actively seeing more and more colourists and stylists alike, investing time and money into creating the best content to push out on their channels. We’ve spoken to some of the UK’s much loved colourists and social lovers who share their advice and tips on creating the best colour content.

Make it part of your daily routine

Creating content is always fun and it has very much become a normal way of life to me and those in my salon – it is part of our routine and something we now constantly do. I use my social media as a second website, I share my work and creations and have created an amazing aesthetic using my work – it is very much my baby and my grid on Instagram is very important to me. It is also a true representation of me, what you see is what you get and I share what I create on a daily basis.

In order to create the best content, my advice is to think of what you are putting out as a whole – give yourself a structure to work to so everything is within the same ‘aesthetic’ or within the same background – consistency is key. I always shoot at a slight angle and make sure I have my trusty ring light to hand if the weather is dull and natural light isn’t the best. Capture the best quality work and image that you can – take several shots then review until your happy! Safy B, Safy B Salon

Ensure it’s interactive and fun

Colour content gets a lot of social media reactions and I love sharing my work online through instagram and tiktok as it draws a lot of traction and I love hearing people’s feedback and kind words. For me, I showcase all the colours create as I feel this showcases the fact I am an all rounder and create all colours.  For me personally, I love working with reels when creating colour content and try my best to make it interactive and fun.

I work more within the application and process, showing the physical work taken to create and apply the colour then finishing with the end result. My advice would be if you are shooting a reel, make sure you do this in a timely fashion, you want to make this a maximum of 30seconds, this is ample time to keep the viewer intrigued and actively engaged – anything more would be too long. Likewise showcase the products you are using along with the formulation – there is nothing more annoying than not sharing these amazing details. Darrel Starkey, Hair by Darrel

Keep content in line with current colour trends

When it comes to creating colour content, it’s so important that you are creating content in line with current trends. It’s also important that it is unique and makes a statement to stand out to your followers.

I like to showcase not only contemporary colour work like balayage and two tone techniques. There’s also some more creative colour that I include in my collections on my platforms. This could be unique colour placement, vibrant hues and also beautiful, soft pastels.

It’s so important that I show all of my skills in regards to colour . This shows that I am a true colour expert and am able to cater to all clients.

Each year I create a Pantone Colour of the Year collection, which I always promote on social media, sharing each image from the collection, the coverage it has received, before and afters and information on how I achieved the looks to provide a variety of content to my followers.

Sharing your collection work on your social media platforms and the coverage it has received is a great way to build your reputation within the industry, build your relationship with magazines and other colourists.

I know that clients love to see hair colour transformations and the process achieved to get the finished look. I love to create short, snappy videos that show the before, the process and products I use on the hair, and then finished look. These short videos/reels are a great way to break up your social media content from the standard static images, to engage with your clientele and have them commenting on your posts, and to gain new clientele after them being amazed by the finished hair results they see on your page. Andrew Smith, Owner of Andrew Smith Salons and Milkshake Global Ambassador

Show potential new clients what you can do!

When it comes to showing off your in salon colour work, sharing one static image is no longer enough. People want to see the results of course. However, they also want to see the before and even the process where possible. At ROAR, we are passionate about our social media. We believe it’s our first shop front for guests to see what we do. To give as much of an insight as possible we love to use reels for most of our content on Instagram now. This gives us the chance to show not only the result but how we got there. My ultimate top tips for creating a successful reel that shows off your colour skills would be –

  • Lighting – you need to ensure the light is bright and shows off your work. Natural light is best but if this isn’t possible, invest in a ring light.
  • Music – try to use popular music to play over your reel. This can help with the algorithm on Instagram and mean your work is seen by a wider audience.
  • Think about the end result of your reel when you are filming. Capture content that people will want to see and edit together in the correct order.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Show your creative side and show off your amazing colour work. Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty Salon Group


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