18 May 2024

YouthLock by JOICO – Beautiful Hair, at any Age

With JOICO’s new YouthLock range dull, tired or stressed-out hair is transformed into hair that’s beautiful to touch, soft, full of shine and glowing with vitality.

Why YouthLock?


Sometimes hair needs a complete makeover. Daily stressors, our environment, as well as our styling regimes, can take their toll. Hair that used to glow with health can begin to look dull, while hair that always enjoyed volume and oomph, starts to look a little flat. The new YouthLock range by JOICO is here to banish those bad hair days and make styling a breeze.

What’s it all about?


At JOICO we believe in keeping things simple and demystifying what good hair really means. As such, the YouthLock range is compact and complex. Featuring a Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Masque and Blowout Crème, the collection features a transformative blend of Collagen – known for its plumping and strengthening qualities – Buriti Fruit Oil – a super-hydrating oil packed with antioxidants and Vitamins A and E; as well as our Smartrelease Technology. Together this powerful combination gives hair the most beautiful finish. Here’s how…

The Shampoo

Think of this as the perfect shampoo for those times when hair needs an instant improvement. It’s effective at removing all the things we don’t want, like build-up, sweat and grime, yet gentle enough for everyday use and it will never strip the hair. Instead, hair is lush and ready for the next step in your regime.

The Conditioner

Over time hair can lose its vitality, volume and shine, often becoming brittle and breakage-prone. With the new JOICO YouthLock Conditioner, there’s a whole new positive result, thanks to the youth-enhancing powers of Collagen. This is a must for anyone looking to go back to those glossy, gleaming days of healthy-looking hair full of body and bounce.

The Treatment Masque

It’s the season where we want to do all the things to our hair. That’s fine, as long as it’s getting a regular dose of TLC. Enter the JOICO YouthLock Treatment Masque, designed to breathe new life into tired strands once a week. Thanks to the combination of plumping Collagen and moisturising Buriti fruit oil, hair is rejuvenated, shiny, frizz-free and less likely to fall – and that’s after one single application!

The Blowout Crème

The big power blowouts of the ‘90s are back and with this JOICO YouthLock Blowout Crème, anyone can channel their inner supermodel, frizz-free, even in the most humid environments. As well as delivering that prerequisite body and bounce, the Blowout Crème protects hair against heat damage, prevents hairfall and breakage and provides static control. What more could you ask for? Healthy hair starts here!


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