16 July 2024

Face Framing Fringe Two Ways – Straight and Curly

Face framing fringe is a fantastic way for clients growing out heavy fringe or curtain bangs to keep a little sass without having to get a whole new cut,” says Jamie McDaniel.

This face framing fringe provides a pop of shortness in the center and exaggerated length on the sides. Perfect for straight or curly hair.  “They are cut in a similar way, with a different approach to tools to compensate for the spring of the curl,” explains Jamie McDaniel, Sam Villa Ambassador @jamiemcdhair – learn how HERE!


  • Can be cut wet or dry. When cutting dry, make sure the finish is exactly how the hair should lay when done to ensure the length is spot on.
  • The sides are detached from the center to give an exaggerated length on the sides. Visually blending the sides can be done two ways:
    • Utilize over direction (providing a seamless blend from short to long with length and weight in the opposite direction of which to pull the hair) 
    • Use Sam Villa Signature Series 6.5” Reversable Blending Shear to release hair (providing softness/diffusion on the ends and removing weight from the mids). 
    • Pair both techniques together to decrease heaviness and weight, as well as the time it takes to blend.
  • Use a cutting comb to for control – the wide side is great for moving hair in the proper direction, and the fine side is good for getting all the grains of hair smoothed out and refined before cutting.


  • Can be cut wet or dry. However, most prefer to cut dry to prevent being tricked by the spring back of the curl. 
  • When moving through curly hair, use fingers more than a comb to provide the least amount of tension on the curls. The wide side of a cutting comb can be used to smooth and direct hair in place, then use fingers for the rest of the cut. Cutting wet and using fingers to shake out the curl pattern before cutting helps decrease the tension and manage length better.  It is always easier to go back in and take length away when dry. 
  • Curly hair has soft curved lines, so when cutting use zigzag lines for diffusion and a Sam Villa Artist Series 6” Slide Cutting Shear. These shears have curved blades to provide the softest cut. Over direction still applies, but a slide cutting shear helps to keep enough weight throughout the mids and ends so the hair doesn’t appear frizzy. Also, rather than cutting a straight/blunt line, deep point cut the ends to provide added softness. 

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