23 April 2024

The Big Manifest – Digital Portrait Exhibition by Louis Byrne

Hairdresser, artist and activist, Louis Byrne is adding another string to his bow with the launch of The Big Manifest, an exhibition featuring a series of digital portraits captured as part of his inspirational I Can I Am and I Will movement.

The Big Manifest

The display of illuminated, digital portraits in The Big Manifest is at Ilona Rose House in London’s buzzing Soho. This major new 300,000 sq ft development houses premium office space, as well as gardens, cafés, courtyards and public walkways, created to allow commuters and passersby to stop, linger and enjoy a moment of peace away from the hustle and bustle of Charing Cross Road.

Over the last four years, Louis Byrne’s empowerment campaign has focussed on supporting individuals to live authentically. He believes that by reconnecting with your inner self, fully owning your identity, and embracing all of what you truly are, you can experience a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Through his mentoring and workshops – as well as his day job as an acclaimed and in-demand session stylist – Louis has captured the faces of those who embody the I Can I Am and I Will outlook. Ranging from celebrity clients to street-cast models and individuals living in London, Lisbon, Paris and Ibiza, the portraits represent a truly authentic and incredibly diverse and inclusive take on beauty.

Living your best life

Louis worked with each subject to visually represent their personality and sense of style. This has been a collaborative process between hairstylist, photographer and muse. “With this project I sought to embrace positive storytelling through the power of hair,” explains Louis. “It has been a journey of self-discovery for me too. I’ve used the mantra of I Can I Am and I Will to help me overcome and create.”

Famous faces in the exhibition include Vicky McClure, Princess Julia, Emma Willis and Aj Odudu. There is also a full cast of friends, clients and individuals who are living their best, most authentic lives.

“This collaboration is about owning your identity and embracing who you are,” says Louis. “It celebrates community connection and the power of positive relationships. Thank you to everyone’s involvement over the years – I feel very blessed. It’s amazing to see my work displayed like this. I’d like to say a massive thanks to Soho Estates for the opportunity. It looks gorgeous! Never give up on your dream. Many won’t get what you’re doing, but if it’s your passion and purpose, go and get it.”


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