18 July 2024

B Corp Month Is Proudly Supported by Great Lengths

March has been B Corp Month. It’s been an opportunity to focus on businesses going the extra mile for both people and the planet. As the first hair extension brand to receive the prestigious B Corporation certification, Great Lengths hopes to use its influence for good and encourage others to consider the differences they can make.

B Corp Month

B Corp Month focuses attention on global companies with B Corp certification. It recognises businesses that meet high standards of performance, accountability and transparency, on factors from employee benefits and charitable contribution to supply chain practices and input materials. Verification is stringent and to achieve certification, companies must demonstrate high social and environmental performance. They must also show complete transparency regarding the impact and operations of its business.

Great Lengths began putting measures in place over ten years ago in a bid to become more responsible towards both people and the planet. The certification is the result of the company’s efforts to be more inclusive at all levels – from the welfare of its employees and the trust of its consumers, to working towards reducing the beauty footprint of the entire production chain.

B Corp Month

A message of hope and pioneering change

The company has joined a community of 4,200 businesses globally who have certified as B Corps – and is the first hair extensions brand to be recognised at this level.  To Great Lengths, being a B Corp means bringing ethics into business, feeding a virtuous circle where community, business, and environment both connect and mutually benefit. Becoming a B Corp is a journey of responsibility towards the planet, and at its core is a respect for the environment and the people within it.

“For us, creating economic value while simultaneously creating value for people and the environment has always been our approach to life,” says Fabio Massimo Antonino, CEO of Great Lengths. “Today, the world is ready to receive this message – people need to see it expressed and acted out in as many different situations as possible. Therefore, we would like recognition as ambassadors of these beliefs carrying a message of hope and pioneering change, where the economy, environment, and society can grow together, in harmony, supporting and improving one another.”


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