15 June 2024

Lisaplex Bond Saver Line by Lisap Milano – USA

Lisaplex Bond Saver is a line of products by Lisap Milano – USA that helps keep colored hair healthy and beautiful.

Lisap Milano – USA is an Italian company determined to bring a love of color to the United States. And Lisaplex Bond Saver is just one line of Lisap Milano products that aims to connect with professionals who love to color outside of the lines.

Bond reconstruction for colored hair

Lisap Milano developed 4 vegan-friendly, paraben-free products formulated with a proprietary Vegetal Protein Complex. This is the base element of Lisaplex™ technology that guarantees a cosmetic appeal, protection and reconstruction. In addition, it improves hair volume and thickness. Based on a naturally-sourced protein, it acts on the hair’s elasticity, flexion and any damage.

Start with Lisaplex Bond Saver Shampoo is a shampoo enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex to reconstruct bonds.

Then, follow up with Lisaplex Bond Saver Conditioner, a bond reconstruction conditioner also enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex.

For more intensive care, Lisaplex Bond Saver Mask is a deep-acting, nutritious restructuring hair mask enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex.

For a finishing touch, Lisaplex Bond Saver Cream is and easy-to-use, leave-in styling cream enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex. After shampooing, apply just a small amount to towel-dried or dry hair before styling to strengthen hair and reduce frizz.

More help is on the way!

A fifth product that works wonders is the Lisaplex ™ Bond Saver Lamellar Water. You’ll simply love the way it leaves an intense shine and helps repair all hair types in just 9 seconds. Moreover, it won’t weight hair down. Its instant action detangles, smooths and makes hair visibly healthier and shinier, repairing it to the ends and eliminating frizz. Obviously, this formula also contains Vegetal Protein Complex to preserve the integrity of the lamellar structures of the hair.

When used together and regularly, these make a great in-salon or at-home maintenance routine for colored hair.

Photo credits

Haircut/Styling: Liza Espinoza Achurra @modaliza2
Color/Styling: Cherry Barber Petenbrink, Creative and Education Director, Lisap Milano – USA
Photo: Nohemi Capetillo
Make up: Melissa Musseau
Support: Eddie Vaughan, Bryce Van Dyke, Reynaldo Achurra, Vianey Marcus and Anavel
Products: Lisap Milano


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