9 December 2023

Hairstyle icons: timeless inspiration

Fashions come and go, but some become classics. Here are some of the timeless hairstyle icons that continue to inspire us even today.

Marilyn’s sassy blonde

Timeless style plus a sexy and fragile personality, Marilyn Monroe often changed her hair look, but was always faithful to her platinum blond and a mid-length bob. Her signature texture was a bit tousled, and the sum of these elements made her one of the hairstyle icons of all time.

Vidal Sassoon’s bob

Coco Chanel launched this look during the 1920s, with the help of Vidal Sassoon’s genius. Vidal was the one who added precise geometries for a futuristic vibe (at least for those times). Voilà! An iconic haircut that became immortal, as well as a distinctive signature style of the most powerful woman in fashion, Anna Wintour.

The Birkin bangs

What made Jane Birkin famous? Her roles in French and British films, or her iconic Hermes bag, but also her fashion-forward haircut – long, smooth, and with frangia, which became one of the biggest trends of the 1970s.

Brigitte Bardot’s bouffant

Between the 1960s and ‘70s, French stars were some of the best-known trendsetters. One of them was Brigitte Bardot with her bouffant style: lots of volume on top. This look made her one of the most imitated stars of her time.

Jackie Kennedy’s bob

If we talk about the biggest hairstyle icons of all time, we just have to include the woman who softened Sassoon’s bob and added some waves. Jackie Kennedy‘s “big hair” lob became an elegant classic, especially for women over-40.

Mia Farrow’s pixie

Another muse of the 1960s, probably for the most significant for revolutionary hair looks is Mia Farrow. Her signature pixie cut with minimalist bangs is said to have been to work of Vidal Sassoon in person, for the cult movie Rosemary’s Baby.

The “Tiffany”

Audrey Hepburn is known above all for her innate class and her tomboyishly – short, hair, for Roman Holiday. And how can we forget the memorable do she sported in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Farrah Fawcett’s “Wings”

Farrah’s dizzying layers – called “Wings”, quickly became one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. Everyone wanted this look, which became the symbol of a period, the end of the 1970s and early ’80s. This was a time when haircuts were in over-the-top and high-maintenance. Exaggerated? Perhaps… but what perfection! what volume! and what movement!


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