24 June 2024

The Cub Cut: the hottest trend of the moment

Everyone predicted that 2023 would be the year of short hair, choppy cuts, and the now-famous bob in all of its variations. And the cub cut covers all these categories, and so bound to be another “yes, please!” that is outstanding for a few fundamental details.

Celebs blazing the trail for the cub cut

As always, the trailblazers for the cub cut trend are celebrities. For example, a few examples of the cub cut graced the heads of such stars as Billie Eilish, when she was a bright blonde, or the model Cathy Wolf. For both the cub cut was a softer version, a shaggy wave, with bangs.

What is the cub cut?

Well, we can define it as a mix between the shag , wolf cut and bob. There is the length of a bob, with the lightness of a shag, and the audacious styling of the wolf. In fact, a razor is used to cut the perimeter. A bob with an 80s vibe, but also with a hit of 90s grunge, thanks to the clear-cut layering that lends body and movement. A cut that conserves the versatility of the bob, adding a fresh touch. Its appeal is due to its free-spirited look that is also very low-maintenance. All in all, it’s the perfect look for spring.

Versatility for all textures

Thanks to its structure on all levels, this look can adapt easily to anyone’s needs: from those with an oval face to the desired length and even to different textures (curly, wavy, straight). Moreover, it is easy to add accessories, like bangs or a quiff to better frame the face, that with the cub cut becomes the main feature, especially around the cheekbones.

Super low-maintenance styling

A diffusor is definitely the best tool for getting a light and natural finish that enhances the layering. Smoothing irons and thermal brushes work less well, as they tend to add shine to the hair. And shine is not in keeping with the lightness and spontaneity of the Cub Cut. To add more volume, just add a volumizing spray before and a texturizing spray to finish.


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