25 April 2024

Metallic Hair – A Futuristic History

Here we chat to some of the UK’s much-loved colourists to share their thoughts and trends on this trend:

Seung ki Baek, Rush Artistic Team:

Metallic Hair

With the likes of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube now bringing us into this online, virtual world, we see that the metallic hair trend fast becoming one of the must have looks for 2023. Towards the end of 2022 we began to see the younger clients opt for the halo technique, whereby colour is placed in a halo segment, and when light is reflected, the metallic like colour is unveiled – very cool and something completely different to the usual salon colours and techniques. Playing around with different colours, this works well on darker hair, as you can implement shades such as fuchsia pink, galactic blue and emerald green – placing them to really become vibrant when the light hits. This is something we will see a lot more of throughout the year, with shades differing as the seasonal transitions continue. Seung ki Baek

Dan Spiller, JOICO Colour Ambassador for the UK, Europe and Ireland:

The fairly new trend of metallic hair has certainly become a trend thanks to the influence of the younger generation, however, is also becoming popular with clients of all generations. It is so eye catching and unique to the individual, therefore many are now keen to explore something more modernised. Although a lot of the younger crowd are keen to really be bold and creative with their look, there is just as many clients who would like to try the trend but in a more subtle and consumer like fashion. The platinum blonde for example is a great way to allow them the chance to participate in the trend without being too bold! Combining two different shades of blonde such as ice and high scale white and partnering with an ice cool toner, will give the effect of the metallics, shimmering in the light. Dan Spiller

Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International:

I couldn’t be more thrilled at the modernized metallic hair trend – it’s fresh and very exciting. I love these tones for adding mega shine to the hair. Particularly shades of pink and lavender, which look beautiful when paired on blondes to give them a unique and opulent like finish. Metallic lavender and purple hues also look incredible on brunettes to achieve shine and give their hair further lustre. We are also noticing blondes moving away from warmer blonde tones that are usually popular in the summer months, and instead, opting for more ashy/silver metallic tones, which can give the hair added dimension.

It’s so important when discussing metallic tones with your clients in the salon that you discuss after care. These shades can fade out quicker than more vibrant, bold shades, and therefore clients should ensure they are using colour saving shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and heat protection to protect the hair from colour fade and to keep the colour sealed in and looking fresh. Suzie McGill

Safy B, Safy B Salon:

The metallic hair trend is something that has been around for a while however has really risen in the ranks over the last 18months. Going back to the history books, this was very much a trend which was discovered in the early 2000’s but has evolved and developed to become a new generational technique.

With my own clients, we are seeing a real mix of the metallic trend, on one hand there is those clients who are looking for the bold inclusion of a metallic feature – think strong vivid colours, teamed together to create that metallic look. Likewise, those who want the trend but aren’t so keen on strong colours can opt for something much more subtle using pastel tones. Using a halo colour placement technique, this is very easily achieved and can be altered to sit the hair and colour pattern for each client, making it truly unique. Safy B

Andrew Smith, Owner of Andrew Smith Salons and Z.One Concepts Global Ambassador:

The 2000s are making a comeback and that includes frosted metallic hair tips. We are moving away from colour being used all over the hair and instead, clients are looking to incorporate colour through their hair in panels, highlights and tips to give it a fun and funky feel, particularly as we head into the warmer spring/summer months. I have noticed shades of metallic muted orange/coral and rose gold like shades being popular amongst clients and these are particularly beautiful for summer months. I love incorporating these tones on to ashy/silver base hues to give the look further edge. Teaming this colour trend with a short, choppy crop or pixie cut also looks stunning and is a more contemporary way to wear this look and take it from the 2000’s to 2023. Andrew Smith


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