22 June 2024

Bruno Marc Giamattei – Exclusive Interview

In our Spring issue of Estetica UK, we showcased Bruno Marc Giamattei, JOICO Creative Director UK & EMEA and Creative Director of the Marc Antoni Salon Group.

Bruno Marc

Here’s is our full interview with Bruno Marc, in which he discusses his partnership with JOICO and the creative and educational work he and the Marc Antoni Art Team do with the brand.

2023 got off to an incredible start for Bruno Marc Giamattei, one of the UK’s leading hairdressers when he was appointed to the role of JOICO Creative Director UK & EMEA. A salon owner and award-winning stylist, Bruno has worked with the world’s best brands, photographers and models, and his diverse range of skills has seen him lead campaigns and collaborations of the highest level.

The team at Marc Antoni joined forces with brand partner JOICO Europe in 2019 and the relationship has gone from strength to strength with Bruno now taking the lead as Creative Director for UK & EMEA.

Bruno, congratulations on the new role – tell us, how do you feel and how did this come about?

Thank you, it’s such an honour for me to receive this appointment and I am very proud of what we as a team have already achieved with JOICO. We have worked with the JOICO team since January 2019, and it’s been a joy (pardon the pun) to work with them. Since we began our JOICO journey, we’ve really developed our relationship and manoeuvred each other through new launches, collaborations, shoots and of course – the pandemic!

We’ve been working with the JOICO Education Team and doing a lot behind the scenes in terms of international education and campaign shoots and this role as the leader of the JOICO Creative Team is exciting as I am working with some of the best educators in the UK and Europe.  I really am delighted. Last year I worked on a brand shoot with some of the JOICO Creative Team and it was a fantastic experience. I’m a huge believer in the team and this team worked so well together, no egos just people there working hard and wanting to do their best. We all learnt from each other and supported each other, which for me, is the best way to get the desired result. It’s all about collaboration and teamwork.

What will your new role involve – will you be travelling and educating more?

Yes, a lot more of both. Being the Creative Director UK & EMEA I will be travelling more throughout Europe, visiting the markets that JOICO distribute within and will be leading the brand forward through education and campaigns. I work extremely close with the education team and together we have a strong education plan in place. I want to meet and build relationships with as many of the JOICO countries and their stylists as I can – this is very important to me.

Education wise, I will be educating alongside members of the Marc Antoni Art Team and showcasing the latest looks created on our recent shoots and campaigns with JOICO. I can’t say too much now but 2023 is going to be a very exciting year for us all.

When educating in different countries, do you notice a trend emerging within education or are the markets all very different?

Every market is different in the education they are looking for, the trends which are emerging and the techniques or skills that are relevant at that time. What works in the UK may not be applicable to several of the countries in Europe, so it’s all about listening to what the different countries are looking for and how we can adapt our education to ensure they get what they need from the session.

One thing that is noticeable is the demand for education – no matter where we are, hairdressers want education, and lots of it. More than ever stylists and salons alike are releasing just how important education is to our industry and its growth, and it is shown through their requests.

When planning education, talk us through the process.

Planning education takes a lot of patience and concentration. With JOICO, we have an education plan which is built around our campaigns and launches. This takes the stylist through current trends or emerging trends, how to recreate or transition them into salon friendly techniques and involves retail and product knowledge too. We like to give those we are teaching a 360-education package, covering everything that relates to the topic in question, and we ensure they leave with as much knowledge as possible.

When it comes to bespoke education, this is tailored to the individual request. When we have the initial conversation, we establish what they want from the education session and this way we can plan how to achieve their goal and ensure we manage their expectations.

And what does this mean for the Marc Antoni Group?

Being part of such a fantastic brand, we are very fortunate that our clients benefit from the very best professional products. This is the case both in salon and at home. Having the role of Creative Director, our clients have been supportive, and the reaction has been incredibly overwhelming.  I feel very fortunate to have so much support and loyalty  from our clients.  

Although having the new role is incredible, I will be travelling a lot more and this is now giving the chance for some of the younger members of our team to progress through their own careers and upskill to the next level – it’s full of positives for us all.

Your own personal journey in hairdressing has been an exciting one, how did you get to this point in your career?

Honestly, I say the same thing to every level of stylist, no matter where you are based, your skills or your niche – hard work and passion for what you do will allow you to succeed and reach your goals. My career hasn’t been smooth sailing there have been ups and downs, but I worked through them and worked incredibly hard – starting from the very bottom and working my way up. You need to master the basic skills before going anywhere – focus, focus, focus!

Education is a key factor in my own journey in hairdressing and one I would absolutely urge every stylist to continue with. Continuous education is the way in which I built my skills and techniques and still to this day I educate myself and learn from those around me. It’s something that is so important.

What’s next in the world of Bruno?

Every day is different, sometimes I can be in the salon, or flying to Holland to JOICO HQ for meetings and planning or I am perhaps flying overseas for education – no two days are ever the same. I work closely with the JOICO team as we are finalising our recent photographic shoot images and content, as well as planning events and shoots for the remainder of 2023 moving into 2024. Salon wise, we are in prep for our next British Hairdressing Awards shoots and ensuring everything is on track for a successful 2023.

Collection Photo Credits: Hair: Marc Antoni Art Team – Bruno Marc Giamattei, Marcus Giamattei & Dan Spiller  Photographer: Jamie Blanshard  Styling: Ellen Spiller  Make-up: Katie Moore 


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