25 April 2024

FRÜ by Dancoly: delicious!

FRÜ by Dancoly is brimming with fruit essence extracts and already a fave among users. And now Dancoly is launching a whole new fruit series!

The new FRÜ by Dancoly is the latest launch formulated to better serve the already staunch fans of the Dancoly fruit series.

Not only are fruits a necessity in our lives, they are also sweet and delicious luxury. Better still, fruits are also rich in vitamins and trace elements. For example, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help our bodies resist oxidation and protect our skin.

Now, thanks to FRÜ by Dancoly, we can enjoy fruit essence and extracts every time we wash our hair. The line even sports a new “FRÜ” logo, making it even more easily recognizable. And in keeping with sustainability goals, there is a softer packaging made with 100% recycled materials and the same vegan/natural ingredient formula as usual. All these improvements will guarantee a whole new user experience that promises to be fresher and more invigorating.

3 new delicious fruit flavors:

Natural plant extract ingredients in these products provide rich healthy nutrition for hair, nourishing the hair root to strengthen hair. Penetrating scalp care keeps your hair feeling fresh all day long. A long-lasting light and sweet aroma of fruit can also be a refreshing pick-me-up. Recently FRÜ by Dancoly has launched three new fruit flavors so clients can choose the best formula for their own hair.

1. Coconut & Vanilla Repair Shampoo /Conditioner 300ml/800ml

Containing nutrient rich Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract and Purified Cinnamon Peel, this pair gently cleanses, protects, repairs and moisturizes dry or damaged hair. Both scalp and hair will be left feeling refreshed, hydrated, smooth and soft.

2.Pomegranate & Fig Color Shampoo/ Conditioner 300ml/800ml

Thanks to a luxurious combination of Pomegranate and Fig Fruit extracts, this formula gently cleanses while helping to maintain the longevity of hair color. Hair both looks and feels revitalized and shiny.

3.Avocado & Melon Moisture Shampoo /Conditioner300ml/800ml

This moisturizing blend of Avocado Oil, Melon Fruit Extract and Aloe Vera gently cleanses, hydrates and softens even the driest of hair. Hair enjoys improved elasticity and looks and feels healthier and softer.


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