31 March 2023

Vintage Hair Looks – Trending Now!

Hair innovations are always a contemporary retake on trends from the past. Many stars wear some vintage hair looks on various occasions, gaining likes on social media and bring these and many more blasts from the past back into fashion.

Retro Hollywood Blonde

It’s the blonde of Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman. It is no coincidence that Billie Eilish did not let it slip past her. An inevitable variation in colour is the Marilyn Blonde. She was the archetypal blonde bombshell to the end, with platinum reigning supreme.

This colour is perfect for beach babies, as with sun will enhance each strand with its own subtle highlights.

Classic Vintage Ponytail

Above all, it is a quick and easy hairstyle to achieve. We are talking about the vintage ponytail, inspired by the teenyboppers of the 60s, it is often embellished with a bow. It has been worn by various stars such as the stylist Justine Marjan because it is very elegant and quick.

Leave a lock under the ponytail to wrap around the base and hide the hair elastic bland.

Contemporary Veronica Lake

The Veronica Lake recalls this classic 40s look. It is primarily wavy and suitable for those with very long and possibly smooth manes. It’s not recommended for those with curly hair, because you’d struggle to get that undulating effect. You also risk compromising the natural wave of your hair.

Brigitte Bardot Fringe

Everyone has seen the beauty and charm of Brigitte Bardot. She’s the ultimate example of the femme fatale. And she was always imaginative with her hair, especially that heavy curtain fringe of hers. It’s a look that’s making a comeback for 2023, especially on the red carpets This type of fringe can easily be adapted in length to suit different face shapes.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Soft Curls

This vintage trend is a tribute to perhaps the biggest star of the twentieth century: Elizabeth Taylor. The actress who won two Oscars in her career was also famous for her medium-length curly hairstyle. This can also be replicated starting from a helmet and through painstaking work you can obtain that cheeky but very elegant effect. Nowadays this hairstyle is coming back into vogue as an eternal homage to a truly great star.


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