24 June 2024

Jo Irving – Empowering Creativity

Jo Irving is an experienced life and business coach, as well as a salon owner. As well as being a life coach and a business mentor, Jo works to grow personal brands. She also empowers creatives to reach their potential in every area of their lives.

Jo Irving

Jo Irving is also an accomplished business owner with 22+ years’ experience and has created several successful businesses within the hair industry during that time. She specialises in coaching her clients to grow in authentic way, that aligns with their values and what makes their soul happy.

Jo Irving

From one-to-one life coaching to business strategy sessions, a mentor programme and even a retreat in Ibiza, Jo’s programmes are here to help hair stylists step up their game both personally and professionally.

“I specialise in empowering hair stylists to reach their potential,” explains Jo. “I want to help you rewire old thought patterns and embrace opportunities for growth, to move into a more positive mindset, to align with the person you want to be and to be unapologetically happy AF! So if you have ever felt like something is missing, like you were meant for more but don’t have the ‘what’ or ‘how’, or you just need some clarity on your next move – it’s time to get a life coach.”

Giving clients the tools, confidence and skills needed to let go of whatever is holding them back – these programmes help find their most successful, happiest and badass self. Jo’s here to cut the BS, stop the hustle and show you that being wildly successful is possible – without the burn out.

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