21 May 2024

Tracey Ann Smith – 2023 Trends

As an industry we are seeing colourists and clients actively becoming much more experimental and creative,” continues Tracey Ann Smith. “It’s incredible to see so many individuals become a new version of themselves and I for one can’t wait to be a part of it.

“For 2023, there are some new trends taking us by storm for blondes, brunettes, vivids and so much more,” concludes Tracey Ann.

Unleash the Curls

Tracey Ann Smith

In 2023, natural texture and curls is huge again and we are seeing clients embrace their curls and texture. With volume enhancing products a huge trend in themselves for 2023, those with finer hair may not worry – they can also embrace this trend with the return of the perm and we will see the most beautiful looks! Think bigger and bolder than ever.

Cinnamon Brunette

Tracey Ann Smith

One of the biggest trends which will take the colour world by storm is the ‘cinnamon brunette’ – it is going to be huge. The addition of warmer tones, think auburn throughout and red muted tones will transform brunettes. Having this warmth undertone is the perfect look. For those looking to keep their brunette locks fairly subtle, it will be all about the high shine and luxurious feel. Think deep, rich chocolate shades with a high gloss – this optimises luxury hair.

Cream Blonde

Tracey Ann Smith

For the blondes out there, ‘Cream’ is the trend for 2023. Soft, creamy blondes with multi blend shades will be the trend throughout the next 12 months. High shine with lots of gorgeous light reflections. I see a shift coming with colourists using more high lift shades and level 9/10 shades.

Red Wine Red

For those who want something a little more daring and over the top, going for a deep red is the way forward. Full of warmth with a persona of strength, this is a real head turner. Beware, this colour will require a lot of maintenance therefore thorough consultations are key here. Also be aware that this is better suited to those with a deeper skin tone. Anything too light would draw out the face.

Hair: Tracey Ann Smith for Affinage Photos: Richard Miles Styling: Desiree Lederer Make-up: Maddie Austin Products: Affinage


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