12 July 2024

AIPP Awards 2022-2023 Finalists Announced!

The AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure) has just announced the finalists of the AIPP Awards 2022-2023.

This year again the AIPP is extremely proud to announce that the 2022-2023 AIPP Awards competition got an extraordinary participation having received 575 hair fashion collections from 31 countries from all around the world – congratulations everyone for elevating our industry through your passion and creativity!

Watch the Finalists’ announcement video HERE!

We are very happy to have received so many collections sent from the five continents – this shows how dynamic the industry remains and how our trophies are recognized as the most important ones. If you are part of the nominees, you must understand that this is already a very big success, as the number of participants is massive – so congratulations to you! And for the winners, we have a big surprise this year as you will be invited to Barcelona next March, for the Awards ceremony on stage. Stay tuned… clock is ticking, as the results will be announced very soon“, said Mike Vincent – AIPP President.

Now, the AIPP Member Magazines will vote for their favorite collections/videos and winners will be presented LIVE! on Sunday, 26th March 2023 in Barcelona (Spain) during Expo Beauty Barcelona – stay tuned for more details!



Adam Ciaccia (Australia)
Bernadette Beswick (Australia)
Candice McKay (Croatia)
Christine Alves (France)
Chrystofer Benson (USA)
David Corbett (UK)
Felicitas Hair (Spain)
Gandini Team (Italy)
Haute Coiffure Française (France)
HOB Creative Team (UK)
Hooker&Young Art Team (UK)
Landry Agres (Spain)
Luigi Martini (Italy)
Malvina Saiu (Belgium)
Rick Roberts & Zoe Roberts (UK)
Simon Hill & Sesh Team (UK)
Steven Smart (UK)
Uros Mikic (Australia)
Viktoriia Vradii (Ukraine)
Vivienne Mackinder (USA)


Angelo Seminara (UK)
Capaldi Kappers (Netherlands)
Danny Pato (New Zealand)
Dee Parker Attwood (Australia)
Emmanuel Esteban (UK)
Emmanuel Esteban @ Haute Coiffure Française (France)
Enrica Russo @ Danilo Hair (UK)
Hooker&Young Art Team (UK)
Javier Gomar (Spain)
Juanmy Medialdea (Spain)
Kylie Hayes (New Zealand)
Lonneke Koele (Netherlands)
Manuel Mon (Spain)
Nadin Schneidereit (Germany)
Pauline McCabe (Australia)
Quentin Lafforgue @ Haute Coiffure Française (France)
Richi Grisillo (Australia)
Sawamaru Pokiru (Japan)
Tadao Kitagawa (Japan)
Una Salon (Taiwan)


Anne Veck (UK)
Arjan Bevers (Netherlands)
Danilo Giangreco (UK)
David Barron (USA)
Govin Hair (Taiwan)
Greta Coston @ Chrystofer Benson Collective (USA)
Jack & The Wolfe (UK)
Jude McEwen @ Toni&Guy (Australia)
Ken Hung @ Salon Era (Canada)
Kumenhair (Spain)
Mark Leeson (UK)
Matteo Susini (Italy)
Olga Garcia (Spain)
Rafael Bueno (Spain)
Rush Artistic Team (UK)
Siew Thiam Kui (Malaysia)
Steven Smart (UK)
Stevie English (Australia)
Tsiknaris Hair (Australia)
Visavis Creative Team (Taiwan)


Andrew Cobeldick (New Zealand)
Arjan Bevers (Netherlands)
Bayleigh Peace & Laura Scott @ Mark Leeson (UK)
Christian Ríos (Spain)
Christian Ríos (Spain)
Christine Alves (France)
Daniel Gallego (Spain)
Danilo Giangreco (UK)
Ego Hair Design (UK)
Elise Antoine (France)
France Khamees (Australia)
HOB Creative Team (UK)
Ismael de Mora @ Brain On (Spain)
Jason Hall (UK)
Jose Salvador @ Makeover (Spain)
Juanvi Camarasa @ Desancho (Spain)
Lucian Busuioc (Romania)
Pilar Zaragoza @ EOS MEN (Spain)
Roberto Dallo (Spain)
Salon Robert Stary (Czech Republic)


Anne Veck (UK)
Ayoze Medina (Spain)
Carol Bruguera (Spain)
Elise Antoine (France)
Experimento No Name (Spain)
Francis Schroembges (Netherlands)
Hairkrone (Spain)
Haute Coiffure Française (France)
Juanmy Medialdea (Spain)
Kinki Kappers (Netherlands)
Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany)
Rafael Bueno (Spain)
Shogo Ideguchi (Japan)
Shy+Flo (Switzerland)
Toni Pellegrino (Italy)
Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team (UK)
Visavis Creative Team (Taiwan)
Xenon Group (Italy)
X-Presion (Spain)
XXL Team (Spain)

For more information please visit www.aipp.net


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