18 May 2024

The Flip gets a makeover: everyone loves these options

The flip gets a makeover, shaking off its vintage vibe for a more contemporary interpretation. Here is the 2023 version of the flip.

When we say flip, it conjures up images of the past. It was in the distant 1960s when all the rage was to have a cut that brushed the shoulders with the ends curled upward.

But according to one of the best-known hairstylists in London, Larry King, the flip is making a comeback because it adds a fresh touch to today’s looks. In reality, during the early years of the 2000s there were already plenty of them. But back then there were little more than a nostalgic vintage trend. Today, flip hair is back with a new twist, adapted to satisfy contemporary tastes and freed of nostalgia for the 1960s.

The extraordinary Flip

Celebs are obviously the first to catch on to any trend. We can talk about Zendaya’s look at Paris Fashion Week, or Maude Apatow, also a cast member of the famous TV series Euphoria, who at Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards last November showed up with a super sleek bob , livened up by turned-up tips. Or, for example, J Lo who recently republished a photo shoot from twenty years ago where turned-up ends peek out from under a hat to enhance her whole look.

The flip: an easy DIY

Perfect for bobs and mid-length cuts, luckily flip hair does not require complex maintenance. To get this look, just apply a mousse to wet hair. This will guarantee soft and manageable volume. Then smooth the hair while drying with a round brush, pulling the ends upward. To finish, apply a smoothing cream to tame any rebellious locks.

The many faces of the flip

As described above, today’s flip hair no longer concentrates on the vintage vibe, but opts for a styling that can be interpreted in a variety of versions.

The classic version

The most classic look is the one applied to the ends of the lengths: curved upward lend an appealing easy-chic mood.

Since it works so well with smooth hair, often the flip is combined with a wet look that exalts its movement.

The avant-garde version

It we make a break from the vintage look, the flip on a mid-length cut with contemporary shapes lends an avant-garde detail to the overall look.

Flip your bangs

The upturned ends needn’t not be at the end of the lengths. Curtain bangs, for example, work very well with this styling, whether combined with a layer cut or a blunt cut.

The Flip with attitude

Just to confirm the fact that today’s flip is interpreted differently, the upturned ends can be used on the entire cut. For example, on layered lengths, where the strands are emphasized even more.

Or on the mullet, where the short upturned locks emphasize the movement and make the cut more feminine.

Or even on the jellyfish cut, which found enormous success in the Far East, where upturned locks of contrast with the inner ones of the upper level.


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