18 July 2024

5 NYC hair salons you should know about

The 5 NYC hair salons that excel in terms of design and service? Take our tour of the Big Apple to discover who and where they are.

5 outstanding NYC hair salons? New York has always been an ever-popular destination that should be visited regularly to absorb some of the latest trends through simple osmosis. The atmosphere is tangibly fashion-forward for those capable of reading the input with an open mind. Hairdressers and salons reflect beauty and design trends and sometimes even social crazes. So here are 5 NYC salons selected for their style, where design and the quality of the service are the main criteria.

Baja Studio: the hair salon for curls

All the atmosphere of the coastal landscapes of southern California during the 1970s: this is the inspiration behind the Angela Soto Salon, signed by Mark Silvestri of Silvestri Millwork and Painting. Angela opened her NYC hair salon in 2019, after having worked for five years at Guido Palau’s side. Today her specialization is curly and textured hair, smoothing keratin treatments, and balayage. The typically Californian atmosphere is made possible also thanks to the numerous succulents, cactus, and palm plants that decorate the interior, to be admired while sipping a Negroni or while enjoying the scented candles. Courtesies for the guests at Baja Studio confirm the saying “mi casa es tu casa”.

20 Thompson Street, #1C, New York, NY, 10013

The New York hair salon that who puts the client at the center is Minor Rose

The owner of this salon, Bradley Scott Rosen, demonstrated courage by opening his salon in the fall of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. And yet it was a winning move, as he succeeded in characterizing the space, designed by Evan Erlebacher of Also Office, as a place where people can connect. Unlike so many NYC hair salons, This one has only two work stations, it offers quiet, tranquility, and of course a service based on calm and attention. It is precisely what he wanted: a salon where the client feels like the center of attention. This salon is also a forum, where people drop in not only to get their hair done, but also to network. The coiffure service that must be tried, it goes without saying, is the cut, carried out with all the serenity and calm required.

125 East 17th Street, New York, NY, 10003

For audacious hair make an appointment at Suite Caroline

Celebrating ten years in business in 2023, this SoHo salon is managed by Lena Ott. Once a fashion hairstylist on international runways in NY, Paris, and Milan, she then decided to open her own hair salon, signed by the architect Jorge Peña and designed in collaboration with Uhuru Design. The style is that of a typical American loft, with open-face brickwork and warm materials, like wood. The shampoo zone is highlighted by three ceiling lights in fluorescent colors and vaporous material, an installation commissioned by Ott in 2020 to the Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, better known as Shoplifter, who alludes to the audacious colors and cuts that have earned this salon its reputation.

65 Greene St #2F, New York, NY 10012

Takamichi Hair in New York for moisturizing and professionalism

This hair salon is named after its owner, Takamichi Saeki, a name known by all in the world of hairdressing. A ‘shear wizard’ (pun intended) – he has combined his professional skills with his passion for art (he was also a gallery owner). Designed in collaboration with Sandra van Rolleghem in 2012, the space is scattered with works of contemporary art, amidst which there are also products of his hair care line. The coiffure service that is an absolute must is the Infrared Therapy Deep Conditioning Treatment, which exploits the properties of infrared rays for deep moisturizing.

263 Bowery, 2nd floor

Hair health at Whiteroom, Brooklyn’s white salon

An all white hair salon to offer the team working there a setting brimming with creative potential – like a blank canvas. Elisabeth Leary‘s space, which opened seven years ago in Brooklyn, was designed together with a local carpenter and provides an absolute minimum necessary. In this way there are no distractions to interfere as little as possible while working on the clients. Especially interested in hair and scalp health, services offered also include massages and the use of heat to optimize treatments. 

113 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249


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