21 May 2024

Bond Healing Spray by Uberliss

Uberliss expands into the UK with the introduction of the Bond Healing Spray. This revolutionary leave-in spray offers all the benefits of a bond builder on the go. It also features healthy ingredients including Betaine, Ceramides, Vitamin E, and Glycidoxy Dimethicone.

Bond Healing Spray

The Bond Healing Spray strengthens, moisturises, and hydrates all hair types. It also works well on damaged and dry hair. It offers heat protection, improved comb-ability, and detangling.

Bond Healing Spray
  • Moisture: Bond Healing Spray improves moisture by 19.64% at 35% humidity and 21.13% at 70% humidity.
  • Strength: It improves elasticity by 15% when applied before flat ironing, as a pre-treatment. Elasticity improves by 16% when applied as a post-treatment to damaged hair. When applied to bleached hair as a leave-in, it strengthens the hair by 30%.
  • Combing: Comb-ability improved by 24% and detangling improved by 35%.

Chief Chemist and Founder, Dr. Ali N. Syed says: “Now that our Bond Patent has been approved, I’m exploring new applications of how we can use our Bond Builder to repair damaged hair. The Uberliss Bond Healing Spray has the ease of a sprayable leave-in, but with all of the benefits of our Bond Building technology. Nothing like it exists in the market.”

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