21 May 2024

Goldwell 2023 Color of the Year: CHERRY POP

The Goldwell 2023 Color of the Year – CHERRY POP – is a dynamic, digital-ready, fiery red shade that embodies passion, seduction and excitement.

in 2022, Goldwell Color of the YearBUBBLEGUM – enjoyed wild popularity. And now on the red wave of Pantone’s Magenta Viva, the Goldwell 2023 Color of the Year is CHERRY POP! The deep, rich warm red is both fiery and flirty and flaunts a cool pink shock to create a tantalizing vibrant cherry tone.

The vibrancy of CHERRY POP creates a visual vibration that ignites and excites the senses,” says Jane Boddy, Global Color Expert. “No color can compete with red for its powerful mood enhancing qualities. The primal strength of CHERRY POP is grounding and reinforces our connection to humanity. The color simultaneously emanates a transcendental power that lures us to a fantastical world.”

The potential to create fun, glamour and fantasy in both digital and physical spaces is essential to 2023. The dynamism of CHERRY POP encourages play with proportions and tactile experimentation that stretches the imagination and encourages creativity like never before,” said Boddy.

I was truly honored to create Cherry Pop as Goldwell’s Color of the Year 2023. Reds have always been synonymous with Goldwell and this particular shade is full of exciting possibilities in hair color.  Long associated with prosperity and good fortune, this perfect red shade arrives just in time to celebrate Goldwell’s 75th Anniversary,” says Angelo Seminara, Goldwell Global Ambassador

Get the Cherry Pop look!

For an intense and show-stopping hue, CHERRY POP is vibrant on pre-lightened or lightest blonde tones. It also gives a rich, warm cherry tone to dark blondes and brunettes. A dynamic, flirty and daring shade, CHERRY POP allows for a true exploration of color.

CHERRY POP Formula with Goldwell TopChic:

30ml Topchic 7RR@RR

20ml Topchic 7OO@GK

2ml @PP Pure Red

2ml @PP Cool Pink

50ml System 3% lotion

CHERRY POP Formula with Goldwell Elumen:

30ml RR@All

20ml GK@All

10ml Pk@All


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