11 December 2023

The coolest men’s trends for 2023

Simplicity with a nod to the past, especially the 1980s and ‘90s, updated to meet today’s preferences. The coolest men’s trends for 2023 tend to medium lengths with some leaning towards longer cuts.

Men’s trends 2023: the wet look

Runways for next spring/summer were clear in defining men’s hair trends: the wet look will be one of the most popular looks for the summer months.

Pulled back and perfectly sleek, or more natural – as of you just got back from the beach – the wet look is a great classic that reached its peak of popularity during the 1990s, and that work ideally with medium lengths. The top trend for men’s cuts in 2023.

When it comes to kinky hair it’s better to use a gel of the latest generation with a stronger hold to help keep hair closer to the head. The wet look is not only for summer, but can also be sported during sunny fall days that recall the summer months.

Men’s trends 2023: the undercut

We have already pointed out that the coolest trends do not include shaved heads. So true. But a detailed undercut with medium length hair is considered very stylish men’s trend for 2023.

The “undercut” will be the ideal complement for flowing locks, especially when combed back, or styled in a full-bodied quiff reaching even a few centimeters in height. Paying homage to a haircut that challenged the laws of physics during the later years of the Eighties, a period known for “big hair”, or exaggerated hairstyles.

And when it comes to controversial and divisive cuts – the ones we either love or hate – once of the coolest men’s trends for 2023 is the revival of the most iconic haircut of the ‘70s/’80s, especially among rock stars): the Mullet.

Rock inspo: il Mullet

This is the genderless hairstyle par excellence. The Mullet has arrived straight from the Sancta Sanctorum of Rock’n’Roll to become the hair look inspiration for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or profession. Mullet mania is also spreading throughout the men’s coolest trends for 2023.

Following its initial return, which seemed to touch only women’s hairstyles, the mullet is now making its way to men’s cuts as well.

Ever faithful to the motto “short in the front, long in the back”, the 2023 mullet is a softer version, less extravagant than the eccentric cut sported by the alter ego of David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust. The trendiest cut is now less lopsided, more harmonious and proportioned than the old 1980s version, which however is still a reference point for the current variants, which have been updated and are more wearable.


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