21 May 2024

3 Profitable Consultation Habits

Three Profitable Consultation Habits are ones we should all cultivate. Eufora Business Team Trainer, Janine Argila, shares 3 habits guaranteed to improve profits.

The new year is a great time to learn three new profitable consultation habits! It also tends to herald a slow season for salons. This all means it is the perfect time to put focus on the guests in your chair. Yes, it is common practice to focus on what is lacking, but why stress over the blank spots in the appointment book? Instead, think about changing your mindset, so you can see those open spaces as opportunities. Eufora Business Trainer, Janine Argila, uses this time to practice a few habits that will increase profitability.Two of them are reconnecting with guests and refocusing on the consultation. This can all add up to another great habit: making more money!

Habit 1: Discuss Needs and Wants

This is the first profitable consultation habit. Janine asks, “If a guest is in your chair for a single process color, do you mix up their formula, apply it, set the timer, then go on to the next thing? If you do, was there really any active listening involved?” She recommends that you step away from the easy “routine”. Did you heard that she wished her hair would not fade, did not feel so dry, or look frizzy? Then maybe you should about her home styling routine or what conditioner is in her shower? Then decide how you can follow up on that?

Photo: Cottonbro Studio

Before the mixing even starts, take the time to really talk with your guest and ask good questions. Listen and HEAR their concerns, then offer your professional solutions. Starting off with a great consultation creates an opportunity for profit not only during the current appointment, but also in future appointments; paying dividends for years!

For example, if the guest tells you their hair is feeling dry, ask a few more questions, and then craft a custom solution right then and there. Try by responding with something like, “We will do your single process color today, but, since you also expressed that your hair has been feeling dry, we should do a conditioning treatment which will help with the dryness, and then add a color glaze to smooth out your cuticle and add more depth.” By simply hearing their concerns, you can give them what they need. And an increase your profit will follow!

Habit 2: Hear Problems and Offer Solutions

Every stylist aspires to being the beauty influencer for their guests. This means that, even when the guest is not sitting in your chair, they think about you as a “go-to” for all of their beauty needs. No service is really finished when the guest leaves the salon. Your success hinges on what the guest does outside of the salon as well. So the second profitable consultation habit means taking the time to ask about any problems or challenges they feel they might encounter at home. Then make sure they leave the salon with all the tools required to set them up for home care and style success.

Photo: John Diez

Begin the process the moment you start the consultation. Remember, do not just tell them about the products. Pause occasionally during the service, allowing the guest to see, touch, feel and smell. Most of all share and show usage tips. Involve them in the process. They will feel more committed and confident when purchasing and trying new things.

Habit 3: Offer Maintenance with Commitment

Starting with the end in mind and planning for the full year. is the third profitable consultation habit to learn. When you commit to an annual maintenance plan with a guest, its create an enhanced level of expectation for them and for you. If you discuss long term hair goals, then you can create a plan for achieving and maintaining those goals. By ensuring a happy guest and a fabulous walking hair advertisement, you are ensuring many profitable future appointments. Commit. Be in it for the long haul!

Photo: rodnae-productions

Janine’s best advice?

There is only an upside when you use this time of year to reconnect with your guest and create a memorable experience. It should be unforgettable from the moment your guest steps foot in your salon to the moment they leave. Build a sense of trust through consultation and communication with a guest. It becomes the gift that keeps on giving behind the chair. Good habits will last you a lifetime and pay dividends throughout your career.”

If you want to dive deeper into creating profitable consultations, join the January Eufora SalonOwners Network meeting, where the topic of the month will be Creating Profit. For any stylist interested in learning more about Eufora Business Education, please visit eufora.net.


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