23 April 2024

Perception Collection by Mirko Schioppa

Geometric cuts, bright and multifaceted colours, outfits with a magical and contemplative allure. It’s the Perception Collection by Mirko Schioppa.

Perception Collection

In Mirko Schioppa‘s Perception Collection, the geometric lines of the cut blend with the futuristic mysticism of the clothes, through a gradation of colours that highlights its different facets. The soul of the project springs from the contrast. This tends to highlight the personality of the woman in different dimensions. It merges as one with her perception of life, making her inimitable.

Among his many creative attributes, Mirko also presented at the Alternative Hair Show 2022 as Italian representative.

The collection has a retro flavour. Clothes get their inspiration from the precious fabrics of the past, reinventing lines and overlaps. The hair color surprises for the nuances that are anything but obvious: the black is sharp and brilliant, the very peri mixes shades of purple and grey giving the look a touch of mystery and magic; the pink-violet plays with chiaroscuro emphasising the handwriting of the cut.

Hair: Mirko Schioppa  Hair Colour: Salvatore Schioppa, Iacullo Carlo, Adriano Diletto, Lino Rinaldi Make-up: Raffaela Greco Stylist: Mario Barbieri Photos: Gennaro Bernile Models: Federico De Cenzo, Nunazi Daniela Borrelli, Filomena D’Ambrosio


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