21 April 2024

Finger waves: because everyone loves retro glam!

With their 1920’s vibe, finger waves are elegantly sinuous and glam. Perfect for an important occasion, today there are interpretations that combine finger waves with other styles for a contemporary update.

When we talk about “finger waves” we immediately think of The Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20s. With their S-shape that creates a rhythmic motif in the hair, they evoke an elegance often found during important occasions, from the red carpet to gala soirées. Yet today there are interpretations capable of both recall vintage glam yet offer an absolutely contemporary look thanks to a combination with other styles.

The return of finger waves

The style of these waves is obviously nothing new. In addition to the Twenties of their origins, during the Nineties, thanks to hip hop music and its international icons, there was a revival of the trend. Today, in the Twenties of the second millennium, thanks once again to an ongoing revival of the 1990s, there is also a return of the S-shaped finger waves.

Trendsetters are always celebs, and we can name rap singers Saweetie and Missy Elliott, the actress Zendaya, pop singers Janelle Monáe and Lizzo. Even the model Cara Delevingne seems to sporting them happily.

Finally, we can note the hundreds of millions of visualization of the hashtag #fingerwaves on Tik Tok, where we can find transformation videos, inspirational pics, and photos of celebrities wearing this look, like Lizzo here below.


Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott

Janelle Monae

Cara Delevingne

Who can wear finger waves?

The look consists of strands of hair combed in S-shaped waves very close to the scalp, with a wet look that looks sculptural. This look is suited to those with long or short hair, although the best results are easier to obtain if hair is short. Although this style has become extremely popular with black fashionistas, it works best with straight hair, which facilitates actually creating the waves. Finally, like with all fixed styles, once created it doesn’t require much maintenance, but maybe should be protected while sleeping.

Today 1920’s finger waves can also be a casual look, too. They are always an elegant look, but depending on the hair color and the type of wave created they can also suited for street style or everyday looks.

To make it more original, one can use contrasting colors, like a two-separate colors that emphasize the structural aspect.

A WOW! effect is also guaranteed with contrasts: for example total white on a person with dark skin.

For a more rock style, finger waves can be accented with a full and high-volume bangs in great synergy among different waves.

The elegant evening interpretation is still valid. It’s the volumes and textures that lend a contemporary note.

Avant-garde finger waves

Precisely by virtue of its vintage vibe, the bolder interpretations of this look play on the emphasis of contrasts with current elements. For example, color, if saturated and in unprecedented nuances, may suffice to create an original look.

Then if you combine color with an iconic cut like the mullet, the result is truly stunning.

In stark contrast, there is the interpretation that instead of exalting, minimalizes. Here is a short cut where finger waves are a mere suggestion, but lend just enough pizzazz to the cut.

When mixed with other hot trends, baby hair finger waves get longer, are flattened, and almost become a graphic design that extends onto the face as art.


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