2 March 2024

7 holiday hairstyles to turn heads during the party season

With Halloween far behind us, we all know that everyone is focused on celebrating the holiday season. On the other hand, advanced planning has its advantages. Think calmly about the hairstyle you want to wear, about how it can enhance your outfit, book our hairdresser. Here Estetica proposes a selection of 7 hair looks to turn heads as you walk into any holiday party this season. All of then reflect the latest styling trends seen on runways and international hairstyling collections. Let’s get started!

The sparkling wet look

Whoever thinks this look is best during the summertime is missing out on the opportunity to wear the wet look during the winter, when it is perfect for gala soirées and parties. Mostly because it adds a hint of allure for any party look. And also because it can be rather versatile. For a chic effect, in case of long hair it can be applied only from the roots to the mid-lengths. For a more contemporary effect, a woman’s a mid-length cut can get a masculine twist with an outstanding quiff and side strands slicked back.

Finally, to those who want to be noticed, the wet look can be combined with a sleek up-do to increase shine and play with sculpted baby hair.

XXL with a regal vibe

Long, super-long – XXL hair is perfect for gala occasions. Those who live a minimalist style can opt for the natural trend, with a simple styling that highlights its length. To make this choice work, healthy and shiny hair is not an optional. If you want to add a bit of extra glam, soft mermaid waves and a few maxi-accessories – like jeweled hairpins for example – are eye-catching yet classy, keeping the atmosphere festive. Finally, for those looking for something bolder, why not exploit abundant length with a multi-colored concept.

Frizzy curls

When celebrating, we can also push our limits a bit further. With curls, for example, adding some volume can be an option for creating a hairstyle for the holiday season. The important thing is that the curls be healthy, soft and used to frame the face. To add a bit of oomph, think about using an unexpected color: bottle green or pure white never fail to garner attention… and they are even Christmas-y! Undecided about the best hue? When in doubt, you can always choose all those that match your complexion and eyes.

Elegant braids

Among the hair looks to turn heads at holiday parties, we absolutely had to include braids.  Found again on the runways of the latest international fashion shows, those for the holidays must be elegant and original. Those who prefer not to break from tradition will love the crown of braids that wraps around the entire head, lending a chic and austere touch. Or we can draw inspiration from the version proposed by the stylist Cecilie Bahnsen, who brings together three braids ad mid-length and then ties them together with a romantic ribbon. The boldest version is the one that uses all dimensions of braids, as proposed by Matteo Susini in his look that combines a crown with a side braid made with micro-braids.

A pony tail is never boring!

Even a pony tail can be a valid alternative for gala hair styles. Originality can be found in the simplest of ideas: something architectural, playing with braids of strands, or voluminous, playing on texture and on airy styling. The combination with ribbons and elastics emphasizes a sporty look, but with a “Wow!” effect.

The maxi up-do

If you opt for an up-do, during the holidays make it over-sized, show-stopping and with a touch of glamor. Those who prefer the natural/minimalist style, you can add a ribbon around the do as a modest compromise. If you prefer not to compromise on the joy and holiday spirit, you can try adding a colored hairpin to a beehive, for example. The more refined will find a half-way point between sophistication and volume in the sculpted up-do with the right design.

Starring… color!

No hairstyle, no party? No. Actually even those who prefer not to opt for particular hairstyles for the holidays have an ace up their sleeves. Color is a precious ally, capable of transforming cuts from a natural style into a hairstyle that will make heads turn. The secret lies in selecting an unprecedented tone, like for example a lovely peach on a short feminine cut, or a mix of delicate nuances in perfect harmony with the base color.


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