18 May 2024

Kaaral’s Bacò Color Collection

Kaaral’s Bacò Color Collection delivers vivid, bright, and long-lasting colors for healthy, soft and glossy hair.

Kaaral’s Bacò Color Collection is the jewel in the Italian company’s crown. This professional permanent hair color line includes more than 100 shades, it is dermatologically tested and ensures 100% grey/white coverage, with low ammonia concentration. Moreover, there is a complete line of complementary products to protect hair and extend the life of the color itself. All this to deliver vivid, bright, and long-lasting colors for healthy, soft and glossy hair.

BACÒ COLOR COLLECTION: key ingredients

To get such fantastic results, the Bacò Color Collection relies on two key ingredients.

The first is hydrolyzed silk, which helps in forming a protective layer on the hair. It also improves the hair structure and leaves hair brilliant, full-bodied, and easy to comb.

The second is rice proteins. as they nourish and restructure the hair fiber. These proteins can also intensify the brightness and softness of the hair while restoring the hair’s natural moisture.

More Bacò is better!

The best thing about the Kaaral Bacò Color Collection is that there is a full line of products to achieve any creative result imaginable!

For example, Bacò Color Soft is a perfect for tone-on-tone and tonalization services. Available in more than 40 shades and is enriched with hydrolyzed silk, panthenol, aloe vera, and coconut oil. This is a perfect formula for protecting and strengthening hair fibers while hydrating and nourishing hair.

Instead, Colorsplash is the new semi-permanent direct color by Kaaral. The creamy texture of this ready-to-use formula delivers direct pigments and contains quinoa and macadamia oil for surprisingly creative color results.

Kaaral Bacò Color Glaze contains elastic to restore hair strength and elasticity, ceramides to reinforce body, and hyaluronic acid for an anti-aging effect and seal the cuticles. When applied to wet hair, Kaaral Bacò Color Glaze will enhance or revitalize tone. Instead, on dry hair, it will neutralize or intensify the desired shade.

When preparing the client for the color service, colorists can rely on the Bacò Barrier Cream to protect the skin from accidental contact with the color to prevent stains. This cream is luxurious, silky, and odorless.

Kaaral takes care of hair

The Kaaral Bacò Color Collection does more than just make it possible to obtain the creative color you crave. There are also specific products to keep hair healthier both before and after the in-salon color service.

For example, Bacoplex is a 2-step system to protect hair during the coloring and lightening phases of the service. These two products work together to protect sensitized hair and strengthen the hair structure. As a result, hair remains healthy and brilliant.

Step 1 is the Bacoplex Color Protector, which also contains hydrolyzed silk and rice proteins, in addition to Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. The Color Protector does just what its name says, by boosting protection during and after intense chemical treatments.

Step 2 is the Bacoplex Bonding Mask, a fluid containing keratin and moringa oil to fill and restore the hair fiber. This mask joins forces with the Bacoplex Color Protector to complete the protective phase of technical service.

Bacò Color Care Post-color Shampoo and Conditioner both use both use an acid pH formulation with hydrolyzed silk. The shampoo gently cleanses their hair to remove color residues without attaching the cuticle, Then the Conditioner helps lock the coloring pigments inside the hair structure while sealing the cuticle and enhancing brightness for longer-lasting color.


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