10 December 2023

Wednesday Addams’s bangs are a super trend.

Wednesday’s bangs with braids might work for you, too. The latest hair trend for this autumn/winter was launched, as often happens, by a TV series.

Bangs like Wednesday’s: Gothic style.

All the other Wednesday Addams we’ve seen might have had raven black braids, but there were never any bangs that covered her forehead. For example, we all remember the mythical Christina Ricci wonderfully high forehead in the 1991 version.

For this new TV version of the darkest family of all time, Wednesday Addams is played by Jenna Ortega. And Tim Burton series has made her the protagonist of the eagerly awaited remake which launched on 22 November. The braids are always the same. But there is something new in Wednesday’s hair look: bangs that in just a few days became one of the most imitated trends.

Wednesday’s bangs are full and cut straight across

The Addams’ little girl has a new hair look that was all the rage last Halloween. Soon they became a source of inspiration for bangs this season: full bangs, that cover all the forehead, to be worn with or without braids. There is only a very slight, almost imperceptible split.

Even before its transmission on Netflix, Wednesday Addams’ was a hair trend. Indeed, Jenna Ortega declared that she changed her look until finally she found the one that was right for her. That meant full bangs, slightly messy that opens a bit on the forehead and remains perfectly smooth.

Other stars with Wednesday’s bangs

Jenna Ortega’s look was an instant trend, which has since been imitated among many celebrities. Deva Cassel, Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel’s illustrious daughter, immediately posted a look inspired by the heroine of the Addams’ household on Instagram for the new Dior campaign.

Even Dakota Johnson couldn’t resist the charm of Wednesday Addams bangs. But it must also be admitted that this American actress has always been a fan of big bangs.

Among the other bangs-loving stars, how can we not mention the star of Emily in Paris – another TV series that launched trends – Lily Collins. This British actress made “puffed” bangs her signature look a long time before the trend launched by Tim Burton’s Wednesday.


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