25 April 2024

upLIFTING Hair Ritual – Find Yours!

Fine hair? Ask Alterna! Find your own luxurious upLIFTING hair ritual. Experience visibly more volume after just one use!

upLIFTING hair ritual

 Fine hair can be a challenge that many people suffer from and one that ALTERNA has the perfect solution for. With two hair enhancing, anti aging ranges focused on bringing volume and bounce back, whatever the style, healthy looking and feeling hair starts with finding your luxuriously upLIFTING hair ritual. 

Hair that lacks oomph is a common concern, but it happens for a variety of reasons. For some, fine, limp hair is something they’ve experienced for most of their lives. For others, an unexpected lack of density occurs. It could be because of changes in hormones. They might be a new mum who’s realising their hair has changed and might even be falling out. They might be going through menopause and dealing with multiple changes.

Whatever the reason, there’s clearly a need for some volume amplifying solutions. ALTERNA Clinical Densifying and Multiplying Volume ranges are all about results. Two different product ranges to get to the root of the problem. Use Clinical Densifying when addressing suddenly thinning hair or hair loss. It’s clinically proven to densify hair strands maximizing volume from the scalp. Multiplying Volume adds volume and lift to naturally fine hair with a lightweight daily ritual. 

Clinical Densifying Range

upLIFTING hair ritual

Focused on hydrating and strengthening hair from the scalp, this clinically tested range features Amla Purifying Scalp & Hair Densifying Complex, which ensures the Clinical Densifying quartet of products delivers results and adds a sense of ritual to wash day. While the user massages in each treatment, the fragrance of Green Tea and Bergamot leaves them feeling refreshed, and the herbaceous notes of Basil and White Musk ensure the process ends on a calm, relaxed note. ALTERNA like to think of this as self care at its most luxurious, with the bonus of fuller, thicker, stronger hair, every time. 

Multiplying Volume Range

upLIFTING hair ritual

Spending on skincare has increased over the past year. ALTERNA’s philosophy of skincare inspired haircare that transforms hair in just one use and with the Multiplying Volume taking inspiration from skin-plumping technologies, the products are focused on giving you healthy, voluminous hair that looks ‘lit from within’.

The star of the range is ALTERNA’s Marine Plumping Complex, a blend of naturally volumising ingredients that features Sea Kelp for plumping and hydration, and Keratin, Panthenol and Biotin to fortify the hair from within. To make the regimen even more uplifting, it has a refreshing Green Tea and Bergamot scent and is truly a sensual approach to self care.

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