24 May 2024

The Takara World Business Congress 2022: a great success

The Takara World Business Congress 2022 (TWBC2022) was held at PACIFICO Yokohama from 21 to 22 November 2022. The two-day event welcomed nearly 15,000 visitors, making it a huge success.

The TWBC2022 focused on the concept of “WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL?”. This interactive event was originally scheduled to be held in 2021 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. However, the Covid-19 pandemic interfered with the company’s plans, making it necessary to postpone the event by one year. As a result, this was the first time in 6 years since the last TWBC in 2016.

TWBC2022 visitors were eager to attend the event, which opened on Monday, 21 November with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a speech by Mr. Yoshikawa, Chairman and CEO of the company. Yoshikawa welcomed attendees saying, “We have prepared contents that will expand the future of salons and the possibilities for people in the hairdressing and beauty industry.” Incredibly, 14,965 stylists, students and many other hairdressing industry professionals from Japan and from overseas participated in the exhibition.

TWBC2022: a future of technology and sustainability

The TWBC2022 exhibition floor introduced visitors to the future salon business with a view to cutting-edge technology and sustainability.

One example was the THROUGH THE MIRROR booth, which presented a next-generation AI mirror, drawing crowds of curious salon professionals. 1,200 visitors enjoyed experiencing the AI function of the mirror designed to facilitate communications between customers and salon professionals. The main objective of the AI mirror is to optimize communications during the initial salon consultation. When asked “Do you think the mirror will change the future of the industry?”, 78% responded positively. A majority commented that customer satisfaction would likely increase, reflecting a positive outlook for the marketing of the product in the future.

At the Neo SPA Booth visitors experienced a Head Spa + Head Bath, which helps to reset mind and body. A 15-minute menu was offered while being immersed in background music, fragrances and a slide show on 3 themes of “Refresh”, “Recharge” and “Relax”. NEO SPA teamed up with three Takara Belmont’s original head spa brands: Lebel, pittoretiqua, and ESTESSIMO.

The Hair Show with hot and exciting creations from popular salons

The Live Show was the main attraction at TWBC, with 15 teams in five shows. The venue was brimming with enthusiasm and excitement all day long. An hour before the show started there was already a throng of people eager to get in. When the doors opened, a huge DJ booth welcomed them to life their spirits.

The audience enjoyed the creations of popular salons on stage, further enhanced by spectacular light, sound, and visual effects. When participants left the venue, they all expressed having been inspired by the show, which left and indelible impression.

New Philosophy

Tokyo Hair Fashion

Creative Legacy

Age of Revolution

The Cut Odyssey

What is beautiful?… The OMC Global Symposium!

On 22 Tuesday, the OMC Global Symposium also took place. The OMC stage featured performances by the national champion teams from Italy, Switzerland and France. The world dream team of 2022 world champions also made an appearance.

Elegant designs by Europe’s elite marked the OMC Global Symposium, held on the second day of the TWBC, showcasing hairpieces by an extraordinary European artistic team. The audience was enthralled. The day also included a display of Gents techniques and the techniques of eight Ladies and Gents athletes who won gold medals in their respective categories at the 2022 World Championships in France. These bold yet subtle award-winning techniques were a great hit with the audience.

The Battle

The Finals





The Takara World Business Congress 2022 confirms that Takara Belmont will continue to grow together with professionals and strive for a brighter future for the industry. “Rise into beauty, Walk into life.” continues to be Takara Belmont’s mission, as the company take on the challenges of offering high-end products and creative solutions for people worldwide who are always seeking to discover the beauty of life.


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