23 May 2024

Denman’s Vegan Brushes: keeping up with the times!

Denman’s Vegan Brushes are the latest launch to support hairdressers and the professional and life choices they make.

Denman‘s Vegan Brushes is always seeking ways to support hair professionals in the choices they make. This means meeting their needs when it comes to diet, faith, and even animal rights. This new Vegan range includes tools in the Detangle, Style and Finish categories – covering pretty much anything hairdressers need behind the chair. Clients will also find these useful at home!

Vegan brushes? What it means…

What exactly makes a hairbrush vegan? Well, essentially there is no physical or anatomical animal content. Denman has created a synthetic bristle that works at the same level as natural Boar Bristle. So you can be sure you’ll get the same great results.

More specifically, here is no biological content or waste animal content. Indeed, animal oils and by-products are often used in glues and manufacturing processes. Instead, these tools are absolutely free of any animal content. No materials or manufacturing processes used to produce these brushes has an impact on the welfare or well-being of animals.

Detangle, Style and Finish!

Denman’s Vegan Brushes include a variety of tools to meet all the hairdresser’s specific needs behind the chair. Take your pick!

D6 Be Bop Detangler Brush – wet detangle, style and scalp massage brush, great for distributing products.

D14, D3 and D4 Styler Brush – mini 5 row, original 7 row and original 9 row brushes perfect for curl definition, wrap drying and styling in varied lengths and textures.

D81M Style and Shine Brush – synthetic bristles to add gloss and shine, gently smooths.

D82M The Finisher – perfect for smooth up-do’s and adding shine with synthetic bristles.

91 Backcomber – durable synthetic bristle to create sleep updo’s and add root lift and volume.

Tools can be purchased starting in January at www.denmanbrush.com.


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