25 April 2024

OMC 2022 Global Symposium in Japan

Yokohama, Japan, was the amazing host city for the OMC 2022 Global Symposium and the inspiring Battle of the Champions.

The OMC 2022 Global Symposium was organized by the OMC – Organisation Mondiale Coiffure during the monumental Takara World Business Congress in Yokohama, Japan, resulting in a triumphant event for the industry. This awesome program – that also included the exciting Battle of the Champions– could not have been more successful, inspiring the massive audience that filled the monumental venue of Pacifico Yokohama. Representing the OMC in Japan, there was the organization global board of directors, led by industry legend Salvatore Fodera, Chairman OMC & OMC Hairworld; Gianni Fodera, OMC World President; Vincent Fodera, OMC Hairworld CEO & Marketing Director; and Carmelo Gugliotti, OMC Vice-President. Estetica’s very own Sergi Bancells served as OMC 2022 Global Symposium master of ceremonies during the event.

Estetica was the only international publication that made it to Japan where we saw beauty unlike anything that we see in other parts of the world. True artistry dominated the stage in a craft where hair is the medium used to create sculptures too grandiose for words. This is the case of the four teams that wowed the audience thanks to their amazing hair artistry: OMC Italy Artistic Team (Diana Doci, Guglielmo Mangili and Daniela Sperotto), OMC Switzerland Artistic Team (Martin Dürrematt, Alessandro Iannaccone and Enzo Di Giorgio), OMC France Artistic Team (Raphael Perrier, Fanny Bouring and Justine Gaubert), and the OMC Gents Artistic Team (Pierfilippo Francia, Fabio Russo and Andrzej Matracki). Don’t miss the amazing photo gallery, so you can see for yourself the skill that we met on stage:

What makes OMC so special? It’s the organization’s ability to attract talent from all the corners of the world, while setting them on a unique platform in a competitive environment. That’s why the program also included the exciting the OMC 2022 Battle of the Champions, where an extraordinary selection of OMC Hairworld 2022 winners displayed their skills on stage to inspired the Japanese audience. The champions’ battle included Lotte Christensen (Denmark), Margaux Geay (France), Bastien Roger (France), Valentina Lauria (Switzerland), Axel Roussel (France), Iwona Ostrowska (Poland), Izabel Bogucka (Poland) and Noriyuki Mutaguchi (Japan).

After a triumphant show that raised the applause of the audience, OMC Founder and Chairman Salvatore Fodera presented the OMC Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Hidetaka Yoshikawa, Takara Belmont Chairman & CEO, thanking Takara Belmont for their longlife friendship and amazing hospitality during the event.

Save the date! Next OMC international appointment will take place in Milan (Italy) on April 30-May 1, 2023 where OMC Hairworld Academy will present the Global Certification for trainers and jurors on hair, aesthetics and nails, while the OMC world best educators will be showing the newest inspirations in fashion and competitions.


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