8 December 2023

How to Cut Mid-Length Bouncy Layers

With 90’s hair still on trend and face framing layers, bouncy blowouts and flipped ends working their way into many styles, it’s the perfect time to brush up on mid-length layering techniques.

Once you figure out your sectioning, everything else falls into place really easily and you can just focus on your shear work,” says Ellen Devine @ellendevinehair who likes using a Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb with a sectioning hook to make clean straight lines.  

Devine advises to subdivide the head into 8 bite size sections by using combs to identify the change in direction of the head shape. Breaking down the small elements within a cut allows for more control, and using sectioning clips vertically and close to the head helps to keep sections tidy.

Sectioning Mid-Length Bouncy Layers

  • Sides: Lay a comb flat on top of the head, where it balances in the middle is where to start the line to subsection to the top of the ear.  
  • Back: Using 2 combs, lay one flat on the back of the head and one flat on the side.  Where they meet is where the head starts to curve and that is where section is taken.  
  • Fringe – Lay a comb spine on the corner of the eye and rock it up, the place where it connects to the head is where the head shape starts to change. Hair that falls in front of the spine is naturally going to fall forward so it helps to gauge where fringe should start.

Using a Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25” Shear will cut nice and clean on dry hair while observing the natural fall of hair.

These types of layers are heavy, almost mushroom-like…in a good way.  They’re still shag inspired, the fringe is similar, yet we’re modifying the layering and keeping the length a bit longer for more of a 90’s vibe,” she adds.

See Devine section, cut and style mid-length bouncy layers here.


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