21 April 2024

10 ways to use mirrors in a hair salon

One of the most significant accessories in the design of any hair salon: the mirror. Estetica suggests 10 ways to use mirrors in a hair salon.

The protagonist of any work station, the mirror is a fundamental tool in any salon. A complement that we just can’t do without. Besides its clearly professional function, it also has a charm of its own that makes it an interesting element of salon design. Mirrors can reinforce a sense of style and mood, or even orient the brand of the salon. Estetica has selected 10 ways of using a mirror in a hair salon. See these international salons to find some inspiration.

As a multiplier of spaces

In the Aldo Coppola salon Brian&Berry in Milan, it’s like entering Alice Through the Looking Glass. The overwhelming use of mirrors amplifies the spaces and creates parallel dimensions. Add a touch of glam with some neon lights.

High-tech mood

Minimalist structures, metallic and essentially colorless for mirrors in the London chain of Blue Tit salons. Although the settings are different, the design criteria are the same. Neon lights, minimalist furnishing, and futuristic mirrors set the rhythm and lend an electric vibe for a contemporary concept.

Neo Space Age

Another one of the 10 ways to use mirrors in a hair salon can be found at Ego Hair Salon & Beauty in Beijing. The atmosphere recalls 2001: A Space Odyssey thanks to strong lights, saturated colors, and contrasting rounded contours. In this context, the work stations contribute to sustaining the salon design. The mirrors are at eye level, highlighted by a backlit neon that follows the entire profile.

Lots of them – and all different

There are work station mirrors and then the mirrors hanging on the wall as decorations. Each one is different and all of them are framed. In the French salon Hair Painting by Sab, the mirror reflects a mix&match style. Different shapes and materials combine for a colorful and original effect.

An exclusive corner

A discreet work station with a minimalist and elegant design. The Japanese salon Ba-Sho Hair chose to set the mirror in a extraordinarily simple metallic structure. Indeed, their forms and materials (unfinished wood and dark metal) evoke a vintage vibe.

A rustic touch

The solid wood structure, thick and dark, lends the mirrors of the Californian Larisa Love Salon and authentic twist. But there is also a surprisingly classic European style. The eye-catching work stations with their roughly hewn, rugged looks lend a sense of solidity and concreteness.

The surprise effect

From Mitch Studio, in Melbourne, the mirror want to surprise the visitor and do so ironically. The work stations are minimalist, created with light-colored wood. When combined with an appealing fluorescent yellow and drop-shaped mirrors, WOW! It may be unusual, but fits this salon to a T!

The lightness of metal

When it comes to 10 ways to use mirrors in a hair salon, Modern Salon & Spa, in the USA, is one that relies on contrasts. The mirrors, all of which are over-sized, are also distinguished by a thick metal frame with sinuous lines. The result is a lightweight solidity that convinces the eye to perceive the mirrors more as sculptures than work stations.

The square effect

The square or window effect is what makes this huge rectangular mirror the signature look of the barbershop of Tony Adams in the Czech Republic. Important dimensions, simple lines, a solid but minimalist frame give this mirror an eye-catching appeal.

The beauty of less is more

A completely different philosophy for the Japanese salon Re-edit, where the ethereal and rarefied atmosphere is constructed also and above all on work stations that feature naked mirrors, with no structure, just hanging on a cable from the ceiling. Among the 10 ways of using mirrors, this one highlights the utmost minimalism.


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