24 June 2024

Takara Belmont: functional excellence and cutting-edge design

The Takara World Business Congress, which took place this week in Yokohama, highlighted the extraordinary technological innovations and design signed Takara Belmont. Here Estetica presents just some of them.

Over the decades Takara Belmont has prided itself on being a leader in functional excellence and cutting edge design. With origins in barbering and hair salon outfitting, they eventually expanded their product lines to the spa and dental/medical sectors. Their main goal was always to guarantee both professionals and clients/patients alike not only the utmost physical comfort, but also appealing and welcoming surroundings. No compromises.

1989: Takara Belmont introduces the “Rollerball”

At the beginning of 1987, the Takara Belmont was determined to develop a heating accelerator that could shorten the perm treatment time. However, hairdressers know very well that it is important not only to heat the hair, but also control the temperature and distribute the heat evenly. Moreover, it would have to be something innovative and smart.

They took their cue from astronomical orbits. “If the head were in the center instead of the earth, within a ring, the body of the device can remain to the sight and the back of the customer’s head remains in view. This would facilitate positioning and distribution.” Voilà!

Today, the Takara Belmont Roller Ball F Hair Processer is a sophisticated successor to the original. The Roller Ball F brings new possibilities in hair design, speed, power, and a rotating ring help color and chemical treatments penetrate deeper and faster, delivering enhanced results that last. This spiffy device also boasts a slim, elegant profile and is available in a variety of colors. There is even a version that can be wall-mounted!

The “backwash” for mutual comfort

The obvious next step would be the shampooing phase of the salon services. Experience and close observation highlighted the need to develop a shampoo system that would be comfortable and practical for both customers and salon professionals. Certainly, some salons in the industry had imported and introduced European-style equipment that enables the hairdresser to shampoo a client from behind. But with European-type chairs, shampoo and water may sometimes seep onto the customer’s back. Often customers would be uncomfortable, given their varying ages and heights.

These many considerations led Takara Belmont to the development of the backwash around 1997. This was a period when breakthroughs in hair color services were booming. Hence, the number of shampoos and rinses and time spent in salons was obviously increasing.

The goal was to design a comfortable shampoo posture for salon customers. Takara Belmont researchers went about studying a comfortable backrest and calculating the bowl-neck angle and positional relationship between the pillow and backrest. Eventually the team determined the optimum angle and distance. Meanwhile, technicians investigated the optimal bowl height and angle for shampooing. Indeed, there may be a difference in sitting height of about 20 cm, depending on the customer’s height and physique.

Takara Belmont

The next step was to take into consideration the comfort of the salon professional when performing this task. More measuring and calculations revealed that when the height of the neck is 90 cm, the both tall and short hairdressers can shampoo the client from the rear without stress! Further ergonomic studies resulted in RS – the “Rear Shampoo”, which also greatly changed the layout of the salon. Indeed, it made it possible to install the shampoo space, once relegated to the back room, to main part. Today this line is available in a series of products with simple functions and products that are compatible with head spa and other products. All products can meet the different design needs of each salon.

The YUME Head Spa: Takara Belmont and the future of salon services

The Takara Belmont YUME Head Spa is likely the pinnacle of technical innovation, comfort, design and ergonomics. These characteristics make it the world’s most luxurious and innovative backwash system. It is indeed a modern representation of advanced innovation, design and ergonomics.

YUME features:

  • full lie-flat backwash
  • a gel-filled neck cushion with double gel-filled head pillows
  • ceramic basin
  • hair-trap system
  • thermostatic control
  • free-swiveling, intelligent showerhead and retracting cord
  • foot control with two presets and wheel for chair movements

As if all this weren’t enough, there are also optional accessories and a wide selection of upholstery to choose from! Takara Belmont insists that the YUME be the perfect complement for your overall salon or spa design.

Dental chairs: the logical next step

Around 1966, Takara Belmont entered a new field. They had come to the realization that the same hydraulic pump mechanism in their barber chairs could be used for dental chairs. At that time, hydraulic pumps from other companies had a fragile structure that would allow oil to leak from the inside if tilted. So the company took it upon itself to manufacture a closed pump that would not spill oil in either direction. Ever since, Takara Belmont has steadily increased their presence in the US industry by visiting trade fairs and ongoing product improvements. Currently, the company’s dental business is expanding worldwide.

Although Takara Belmont researchers focus mainly on ergonomics and functionality, design comes in at a close third. For example, this dental chair by American designer Bruce Hana, with its novel and iconic design, created a sensation in the dental industry. It soon became a masterpiece and had a great influence on subsequent product designs.

The importance of design is widely talked about in modern times. Investing in design however is often another matter. When launched, its impact on sales may be uncertain. So launching such an original and innovative design is a sign of self-confidence. Further collaborations with designers have taken root as the Takara Belmont culture of manufacturing, and have given a strong inspiration to the company it is today.


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